How To Bounce Back To Your Everyday Life After Spinal Surgery

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Recovery after spine surgery depends on the complexity of the procedure your doctor is likely to recommend and your condition’s severity, age, and pre-surgery fitness levels. No matter how effective your doctor manages to control your pain, it will take time to start living like you used to before the surgery. There are various dos and don’ts your healthcare provider might suggest to facilitate your healing process. Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP offers orthopedic diagnostics and treatments for complex procedures like spine surgery in East Brunswick to help you live a pain-free, comfortable life. However, before recommending possible treatment options, your surgeon will evaluate your condition and your ability to bounce back after the treatment. 

What Should You Expect After Spine Surgery? 

One dream you may have when you have a neck or back issue is to get well, relive your everyday life, and go back to work. Your doctor will minimize your painful symptoms to help you get your life back. Appropriate exercises and care are what you need. Thanks to modern techniques, you might be able to return to your life after surgery. However, to achieve your dream of living a comfortable life after spine surgery, your physician might advise you to: 

· Focus On Physical Fitness 

Besides maintaining a healthy life after surgery, your physician will suggest focusing on appropriate physical fitness exercises to help strengthen your back by: 

- Doing exercises that seem easy on your back. 
- Partaking in low-impact exercises to strengthen your leg muscles 
- Practice eating healthily 
- Shedding off excess weight 
- If you are a smoker, quit smoking 

· Have A Positive Attitude 

Your recovery after spinal surgery is likely to be a slow, gradual process. As a result, maintaining a positive attitude might help you through your recovery phase. Though your doctor might set your recovery process’ outlines and expectations, it is your decision to get strong and healthy. 

The type of spinal surgery your physician will recommend significantly affects your recovery. You might get back to your everyday life sooner after a minimally invasive procedure than when you go through a complex procedure like a spinal fusion. The latter might need you to exercise patience as your healing process might take longer, approximately six months, to start experiencing optimal results. 

Celebrate your achievements, no matter how slow, and focus on what you can do. Every milestone will eventually get you to your expectations. 

· Stay Active 

Physical activity is a primary component in your recovery journey. Though movements are necessary, your doctor might set boundaries. The healthcare professional might devise a personalized plan befitting your unique needs and goals to enhance your recovery. The exercises your physician might suggest are those you can do at home comfortably, like stretches to strengthen your legs and back. 

Bounce Back Better

Spinal conditions may significantly interfere with your life. However, there are various procedures available your physician might recommend to help relieve you from pain. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your options and whether a spinal surgical procedure might benefit your back or nerve condition.

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