Attain Healthier, Clearer, & Smoother Skin Through Extensive Laser Therapy Care In New York

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Laser therapy could correct skin issues such as laxity, wrinkles, as well as unwelcome hair. The Wellpath by Dr. Jamé Heskett, with offices in West Park, NY, in the Hudson Valley, and Midtown, Manhattan, provides many laser treatments to assist you in attaining clearer, smoother, and healthier skin. For exceptional laser therapy in Midtown West, contact the office near you through mobile or use the online booking service to set up a consultation today. 

What Exactly Is Laser Therapy? 

Laser therapy treats a variety of skin conditions by utilizing heat and light energy. These are some examples: 

·       Wrinkles and fine lines. 
·       Unwelcome hair. 
·       Lesions of the arteries. 
·       Irregular pigmentation. 
·       Sun damage. 
·       Skin sagging. 
·       Acne scars and acne. 

The laser heat removes discoloration in treated regions and stimulates collagen formation, a skin-strengthening ingredient, which generates smoother, more refined, and tighter tissue. 

What Types Of Laser Therapy Are Accessible? 

The Wellpath provides a variety of cutting-edge laser therapy, including: 


The FotoFacial RF from elos is the most modern high-pulsed light technology available. This treatment removes visible blood vessels and eliminates superficial brown and red coloration on the body and face. 

This therapy applies moderate heat and light to the exact depth required to target uneven pigmentation. Pigmented cells die and are typically removed from the body. 

Elos uses highly tailored radiofrequency energy to address only troublesome cells. Elos therapies are for you if you suffer rosacea, sun exposure, acne scars, or aging issues. 

Fractional Technology 

eMatrixTM's Fractional technology enables rejuvenation of your skin from the inside out. The laser sends electricity via your skin's fine points. The radiation then dissipates beneath the skin's surface, stimulating collagen and elastin production. 

As a consequence of the therapy, healthy, new skin cells develop, resulting in the reduction of mild to severe wrinkles and the disappearance of superficial skin blemishes. 

Fractional technology produces better outcomes with less recovery time and unpleasantness. Following eMatrix procedures, your skin appears fresh and youthful. 

Body Sculpting 

Dr. Heskett employs laser treatments such as Zerona TM to heat specific fat cells and induce them to shrivel, resulting in a contoured frame – even in tough places unresponsive to standard exercise and diet. Your body naturally eliminates the waste produced by these cells, allowing you to notice improvements in areas where you believed you would never be able to thin down in a matter of months. 

Hair Removal 

Laser technology is used at the Wellpath to eliminate hair follicles in regions such as your legs, chest, arms, back, face, and bikini area. Dr. Heskett could assist you in achieving a smooth, hair-free body without waxing, plucking, or shaving, employing the most sophisticated therapies. 

How Many Laser Therapy Sessions Will You Require? 

Dr. Heskett tailors therapy to each patient. Based on your skin goals and the severity of your concerns, you may profit from a set of laser therapy sessions. 

Dr. Heskett understands that each individual is unique; thus, she employs a personalized approach to anti-aging and wellbeing care. To determine how you could benefit from laser therapy, call the office or request an appointment online right away.

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