Top Reasons Why You Need Annual Physicals

reasons you need physical annually doctor appointment

Without having regular physicals, you cannot tell for sure that you are living your best life. Other than managing continuing conditions, your provider can also identify imminent concerns and address them appropriately. If you consider having physicals regularly, it will surely help your health. Regardless of your reason for having physicals, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment by phone or online for an annual checkup. 

Why Should I Get An Annual Physical? 

An annual physical examines your overall health. When you walk in for a physical checkup with the team at Supreme All Care Health & Wellness, they will be able to evaluate your overall health, check in with you about any current medical concerns, and examine you for any new difficulties. 

A physical exam is also an excellent opportunity to explain any questions or concerns you may have to your health care provider. Adult men and women should get a physical once a year to ensure that all new diseases are diagnosed early on when treatment is most likely to be effective. 

An annual physical can help ensure that you receive the proper therapy for any existing conditions that may have developed in the previous year. 

If your job demands you to be physically fit or work in a certified profession, you may need to undergo a regular physical to keep your license or keep your job. A physical exam is also a requirement in many colleges each year. 

What Should I Expect During A Physical Exam? 

Your Supreme All Care Health and Wellness practitioner will start your evaluation by discussing your personal and family medical history. They will ask you some general health questions and talk to you about any new symptoms or concerns you might have. 

This examination evaluates the health and function of the following organs and systems: 

·       Lungs 
·       Heart and blood vessels 
·       Nervous system 
·       Digestive system 
·       Ears, sinuses, nose, and throat 
·       Lymphatic system 

Blood work is usually included in an annual physical. It ensures that your body produces enough red and white blood cells and checks your cholesterol levels to uncover any dietary deficiencies. Your doctor may also recommend a urinalysis or other tests. 

Available Types Of Physicals 

Supreme All Care Health and Wellness provides the following types of physicals in addition to annual physicals: 

·       School physicals 
·       Sports physicals 
·       DOT-CDL physicals 
·       US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) physicals 
·       Clearance physicals 

Each of these yearly physicals includes a full assessment from head to toe. Your doctor also requests lab tests. They follow up after receiving your results, explaining them, and suggesting the next steps. 

Other Services 

Your providers at Supreme All Care Health and Wellness deliver other quality treatments alongside annual physicals. You may also schedule a consultation for services such as: 

·       Body sculpting 
·       STD testing 
·       Women’s health 
·       Family medicine 
·       Weight loss 
·       Allergy testing 
·       IV radiation therapy 

The Bottom Line On Annual Physicals

A physical exam ensures you maintain optimum health function. You, therefore, need to schedule annual physicals to realize your peak wellness. To schedule a professional physical exam, call the office to speak to a provider or book an online appointment today.

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