Standard Plastic Surgery Procedures For Men In Portland

common plastic surgery procedures for men cosmetic surgeries

There was a time when plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements were reserved for women and the elite. Not anymore. Today, cosmetic surgery and procedures are more accessible than ever before, and more men are opting for elective procedures to enhance their looks and appearance. It is important to take advice from a known and board-certified plastic surgeon when it comes to making permanent changes to your face and body. You need to know the risks, benefits, and results to have realistic expectations from a procedure. If you are looking for clinics for men's plastic surgery in Portland, you will find numerous choices. Below are some of the more common procedures that are done here. 

1. Jaw Surgery 

Also called orthognathic surgery, jaw surgery is often done to improve facial contours and overall differences in positioning of the jaws. For example, if you want a neat jawline, your surgeon may recommend mandibular angle augmentation. There are varied reasons to consider jaw surgery, and it can be combined with filler injections for enhanced areas. 

2. Genioplasty 

Commonly known as chin surgery, genioplasty focuses on repositioning and enhancing the chin to improve facial contours. Genioplasty often involves using the patient's bone, while plastic surgeons may also consider procedures like facial injections to create a better appearance. 

3. Cheek Implants 

Cheek implants can be considered for reconstructive purposes, besides cosmetic advantages. As the name indicates, the procedure involves using implants to enhance cheekbones and improve contours. 

4. Tummy Tuck 

Also called abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck could be an option for men who want to remove excess skin and fat from their abs. The procedure has its pros and cons and must be only considered when it is impossible to address the concerns with diet and exercise. 

5. Liposuction 

Liposuction is one of the most familiar cosmetic procedures done in the United States. If you cannot lose weight in certain areas of the body, this could be an option. Liposuction is done to suction fat from specific areas, and it can be combined with a fat transfer procedure to achieve other goals. 

6. Breast Reduction Surgery For Gyno

Men who have gynecomastia, or have unusually large breasts (sometimes called "gyno" for short), can consider breast reduction surgery. This surgery is not an extremely invasive procedure for males and has limited health risks. 

Other Male Plastic Surgery Options Available

Plastic surgery options for men also include facelifts, forehead lifts, eye lifts, implants, and rhinoplasty. Talk to your doctor about your insecurities and whether you need surgery in the first place.

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