How To Get Energized: This Is What You Need To Do

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You’re running a little late for work. You knew you shouldn’t have hit that snooze button a fourth time. Now you only have enough time to down a coffee and drive to work. 

This coffee keeps you awake for a few hours but you are slugging along by the time lunchtime hits. You don’t have a single bit of energy to focus and you’re not sure how to get energized and fix your situation. 

The answer is to first, eat something. Next, don’t down coffee in the morning. The caffeine will keep you awake for a while but you’ll reach an inevitable crash at some point in your day. 

These aren’t the only things to keep in mind if you want to stay awake. Check out this guide for more energizing tips. 

Stay Hydrated 

As you sit at your desk and read this article, you're probably dehydrated. Many people go about their daily lives without enough water in their bodies and that makes you tired. 

If you're not the biggest fan of water, we do have good news for you. Most anything you drink has some kind of water in it. 

Guzzle down tea or juice to get a little hit of water. You can also infuse your favorite fruit in a bottle of water to give it more taste. 

Watch What You Eat 

The things that you eat have different effects on your energy levels. If all you eat is junk, it's no wonder that you're so tired. 

Your body needs a good balance of protein and carbs to energize you and help you get through your day. 

You should also try foods that have alkalizing properties. These foods will balance out your PH and give you a lot of energy. To tell if a food has alkalizing properties, check the negative pral scale. 

Drink Tea Instead Of Coffee 

Starting out your day with a cup of coffee will give you a temporary surge of energy that will only last for a few hours. When you start to get tired again what do you do? Most likely reach for another cup of coffee. 

Eventually, you've consumed so much caffeine that sleeping at night will be a struggle. So, you should start your day off with a nice, hot cup of tea instead. 

Tea contains compounds that improve a person's mood and makes them feel more awake. Make sure that you don't pour a ton of sugar into your cup though. It will defeat the purpose and result in a sugar crash instead of a long-lasting energy buff. 

Get Up And Move Around 

Not sure how to have more energy after work? The answer is to not sit in one place all day. Get up and move around even if you only walk down the hall to the water fountain and fill up your to-go bottle. 

Exercise releases energizing, feel-good endorphins so consider getting up a few hours early each morning to go on a run before work. Trust us, you won't miss the lost shut-eye. 

Listen To A Catchy Tune 

If you start to feel sluggish during your day, turn on a bit of music. Listening to upbeat tunes will sort of wake your mind up. If you're working it's a good idea to choose music without words though. 

You may get so caught up in your vocal solo that you forget about the mountains of paperwork in front of you. If you're at the gym though, feel free to listen to whatever you want. 

Have The Right Mindset 

Speaking of tricking your brain, psych yourself up. If you dwell on everything you have to do during the day, you'll begin to feel overwhelmed. All you'll want to do is lay back on your bed and pull your blankets over your head. 

Instead, come up with a game plan to tackle your schedule. Once you have a good idea about how to manage your hefty plate, it won't feel so hefty. 

Try Essential Oils 

If you spend a good deal of time in your office, it will begin to smell a little stale eventually. That smell will do the exact opposite of making you feel more awake. You'll feel tired and gross. 

If this sounds like you, pop open a bottle of essential oil and put it in your diffuser. Be sure that whatever essential oil you're using to brighten up your office isn't lavender or chamomile. 

Those will make you feel sleepier. Citrusy smells like lemon will do the trick though. 

Give In To The Allure Of A Power Nap 

If you have a lot on your plate, a long afternoon catnap isn't going to be in the cards. Truth be told, even if you do have time on your hands, you still want to stay away from the catnap. 

If you sleep for more than 20 minutes it will affect how you sleep that night. A 20-minute power nap will make you feel energized enough to make it through the rest of your day without keeping you up at night. 

How To Get Energized And Crush Your Day 

Are you tired of slugging through your day like a zombie? Once you know how to get energized, you won't have to deal with it anymore. So, drink a bottle of water or two, put on an upbeat song, and if all else fails, give in and take a power nap. 

Do anything you need to do to focus on your work and crush any big task that may come your way. 

Eating better and exercising so you can have more energy doesn't have to break your bank. Check out our blog daily for frugal fitness tips.

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