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Once an alternative treatment, acupuncture is making inroads into mainstream medicine, with evidence indicating that it can help with everything from allergies to stress and pain. At New York City Dr. Travall's Acupuncture, Dr. Croom takes an integrative approach to patient care using his acupuncture skills. He employs a comprehensive model to his clinic and patient care, including accurate evaluations, extensive treatments, and combined Western and Eastern medicine approaches to address various ailments, sports injuries, and other medical concerns. Explore the benefits of acupuncture by calling the office or booking an appointment online. 

What Are The Various Forms Of Acupuncture Available? 

With acupuncture, patients can benefit from a client-centered, tailored approach to various health concerns. For first-time patients, sessions start with a detailed consultation. 

Although medical records are not necessary, they are always beneficial to bring along. Dr. Travall constantly ensures that his patients understand what kind of acupuncture they are getting and how it might help their bodies. Before they leave, patients obtain advice and suggestions on how to improve their rehabilitation and overall wellness. 

Here are some of the acupuncture services Dr. Travall offers at Dr. Travall’s Acupuncture: 

Cosmetic Acupuncture 

Dr. Travall is one of New York City's finest acupuncture practitioners for his quality cosmetic acupuncture procedures that he specially designed. The technique combines Chinese medicine with contemporary Western techniques to achieve outstanding facial rejuvenation. 

Dr. Travall lectures his system to acupuncturists across the globe, and he was the first to show that integrating celluma ® red-light therapy with acupuncture can be beneficial. These procedures encourage natural collagen generation and activate weaker facial muscles to produce a renewed, more youthful look without fillers. 

Medical & Sports Acupuncture 

Dr. Travall got his Ph.D. in acupuncture from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine. He holds licenses in Pennsylvania and New York, where he currently resides. 

Dr. Travall's body acupuncture blends conventional Chinese acupuncture procedures with a Western orthopedic and sports medicine framework that focuses on specific anatomical and orthopedic points (such as trigger points and motor points) to heal pain and injuries and improve athletic performance. 

Some of the most prevalent physical points and areas of concern that Dr. Travall addresses include: 

•   Tendonitis 
•   Neck and lower back pain 
•   Arthritis and joint problems 
•   The knee 
•   The lower and upper extremities 
•   The hips and pelvis 

Acupuncture & Wellness 

Dr. Travall also utilizes acupuncture and other holistic treatments to address various conditions. These include, but are not limited to: 

•   Fertility issues 
•   Migraines 
•   Carpal tunnel syndrome 
•   Digestive health concerns 

Add Acupuncture Advantages

Dr. Travall is presently accepting new patients at Dr. Travall's Acupuncture and looks forward to working with them. FSA cards are permitted at his acupuncture clinic, and Super Bills can be provided for insurance compensation. 

Are you looking to find out what acupuncture can do for you? Do not hesitate to talk to a specialist. Schedule a consultation at Dr. Travall’s Acupuncture through mobile or book online.

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