Stock Packaging vs Custom Packaging Differences

stock packaging vs custom packages differences product shipping

Stock packaging and custom boxes are two of the options available, especially if you’re running an eCommerce store. However, some may be confused about the differences between the two and which ones are ideal for their business. 

A stock package is basically a ready-made box where you just have to affix your company name or sticker label. This is mass-produced, inexpensive, and is available in large quantities. The downside is that stock packages have a limited flexibility style, and they come with a standardized side. 

Some companies may exclusively use the stock packages to translate more into savings. Overall, this makes better financial sense than choosing the custom and tailored packaging. You’ll see various examples of these on beverages, vitamin jars, sauce bottles, canned foods, and protein powders. The labels may be custom printed, but they are made up of stock wrappings. 

stock packaging versus custom packaging

About The Custom Packaging 

Other businesses may want to go the extra mile and go with the custom-made packaging with their parcels. If you’re interested in making your product stand, you might want to visit for more information about these boxes and see how you can get started with them. These are all the wraps that are tailored to your customers’ needs, and they come with bells and whistles. 

The unique sizes are made explicitly so the products would perfectly fit. For this to work, you need a structural engineer and an expert that will create the “DNA” or the blueprint of the packaging according to your brand and company needs. They use various printing plates and cutting dies as tools to ensure a more professional finish. 

Overall, the process of getting tailored boxes will be costly, and they need a significant amount of designing and planning. Prototypes are usually required, and they are tested before mass production begins. They are approved by the owners, and the tools get started to work. The customer service and communication level involved in the process is higher than buying stock boxes. 

Some of these companies will require a minimum to start the project. Costs and fees are used for machinery, and there’s a minimum volume required before you can work with them. The whole process involved several parties, especially if this is the first time that you’re trying this. Units of packaging may require a minimum of 100, so it’s going to be worth it for everyone involved. 

Various types are available for business owners, like poly bags, stand-up pouches, rigid boxes, and folding cartons. Aside from containers, bottles, tins, and jars, all the boxes are excellent for retail stores, and they are generally used as an alternative to packaging to get the job done. 

entrepreneur stock boxes

Why Do Other Entrepreneurs Use Stock Boxes? 

There are many of reasons why entrepreneurs or small businesses opt to use stock boxes including:

• Many of the start-ups don’t have the budget to fund this venture yet 
• Some are testing the current situation in the market and see if this is going to be worth it 
• Shortage in production, primarily if the manufacturer caters to others 
• May require trade show samples before they order 
• Subscription boxes are often the trend, and they don’t require many details 

When buying only a small quantity, know that the stock packages will be better and more cost-effective than their other counterparts. You can also acquire them faster whenever you run out and want to place an order. This is going to be a more viable packaging strategy if you’re just starting your customers’ reactions to your products. 

On the other hand, the custom-made packaging is eye-catching, and this is important if you want to get an edge over your competitors. They will give your customers the right message and communicate to them that they are special. This may mean an increase in sales and revenue, and you’ll also have a better fit for your products. 

Most of the excel material will involve the packaging itself. You can compensate for this with the help of colored paper that’s cut into pieces resembling a nest to have a more presentable product. The better fit will keep your product safe, and they are also going to mean that you’ll have to pay lower costs for shipping. See more about packaging and shipping in this link here

Usually, the custom packaging is not for people who have light wallets for shipments or are faint of heart. The entire process requires a lot of resources, focus, and planning. This is a project that business owners need to get involved in every step of the way, and a more significant commitment is needed to be successful. 

After all the hard work and resources, the custom boxes will give your brand a more professional appearance during merchandising,  shipment, and unboxing. This will make a difference in store shelves, and they will actually look more appealing. When you have made a massive return on investment, this is something that you should consider purchasing in high volumes. It communicates to others that you care about the details in your business and take pride in your products.

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