How To Make Money From Reseller Hosting

how to make money from reseller hosting web host affiliate

There are many ways to add income to your budget. Many online businesses allow people to earn more money, with minimal effort, from the comfort of their homes. The reseller hosting business is one of those ways to make an additional income, but it is not a commonly known business, so most people don’t even consider doing it. 

The reality is that the reseller hosting business can enable you to earn a passive, decent income by selling web hosting plans to customers. This business is attractive because it doesn’t require much technical knowledge and doesn’t cost tons of money to start it. It might sound like a simple way to earn additional income, but we need to emphasize that the industry is extremely competitive, so you need to ensure that you offer the right services to stay on top of the competition and earn money. 

The best thing about the reseller hosting business is that it is easy to start. Many companies, like Verpex, offer reseller hosting plans, which you can purchase and then start reselling to your customers. These companies make it easy for people to start their reseller hosting business and earn money without investing a small fortune. 

What Is Reseller Hosting? 

A reseller hosting business is where you buy server space from a hosting company, then use that server space to create your hosting plans and sell your plans to your customers. Starting a reseller hosting business is a great way for web developers to add income, and the best thing is that they’ll broaden the range of their services. Reselling will enable you to create your hosting brand with your hosting plans. The reseller package differs from one host to another, but most include disc space, unlimited bandwidth, white label branding, cPanel, customized account and website management for clients, technical support, etc. For a decent price, you can purchase a reseller hosting plan, start your reseller hosting business without a fuss and earn some money along the way. 

How To Make An Income From Your Reseller Hosting Business 

If you are considering starting your reseller hosting business, here is some advice that will help you make a decent additional passive income from your business online

Choose The Right Reseller Hosting Company 

The most important thing before starting your reseller hosting business is choosing the right hosting company. What do we mean by the right? Choose a hosting company that offers top performance, high-quality servers, has high uptime guaranteed, and has the best cybersecurity. If the hosting company doesn’t fulfill the requirements, customers won’t be satisfied with the service, and they will leave. 

Determine Your Offerings 

Decide on the hosting style you will offer and the add-on features. When you start reselling hosting, you will have several different types of hosting you’ll be able to offer. You can choose from offering VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. Depending on the hosting company you are going to work with, you can also include additional services into your plans, such as email features, domain name management, etc. The more services and features you offer, the more different clients you’ll be able to attract. 

Set Up Proper Marketing 

When you decide on a specific niche, creating a proper marketing strategy will be easier. Instead of focusing on everyone, focus on a small segment of a larger market because that will be more successful. The first step is to choose how you are going to reach customers. The most affordable way is to create a blog to rank for organic search with keywords related to web hosting. If you have a bugger budget, you can try social media advertising and search engine. Decide on your approach and plan it according to your budget. If you don’t have a bug budget, don’t worry because you can take a more organic approach. 

Offer Stellar Customer Service 

The best way to ensure that your reseller hosting will be successful and bring you a decent income is to have the best customer support. Most people who start websites aren’t experts and have average or non-technical knowledge about hosting and websites. This means they’ll need a lot of help to keep things running. That is why you need to offer stellar customer support; believe me, customers will be grateful for it. Make sure that you have at least two channels for communication in the website host business. Customers prefer phone services, but email and chat is also great way to offer proper support. Social media is also an excellent channel to help customers. 

Lastly, the most important thing when it comes to customer support is always to make sure that you resolve the issues with your affiliate marketing business as quickly as possible. You can have the best customer support in the world, but if you can’t solve customer’s issues the fastest way possible, it can all go down the drain, and your business can start losing web host customers. 


Starting a reseller hosting business in the website hosting space might be the right step if you are already in the tech business and need additional income. The reseller hosting business is a great idea because it doesn’t require a lot of money to get things going, and it is a great opportunity to add a passive income. Although all this might sound super simple, you need to focus on creating a proper marketing strategy and find customers that are willing to pay for your plans.

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