Beware "Diet" Foods

 There have been more and more foods produced over the years that are classified as "healthy", "diet", "fat-free", organic, etc. I'm glad that health and fitness is becoming a higher priority for the everyday person but not all that "health food" is really all that good for you. While the selection of healthier foods has gone up, there are still some traps to watch out for. First of all, just because a food is "organic", does not mean that it will also help you be healthier or lose weight. Eating a pound of chocolate will cause you to gain weight whether it is organic or not. You can eat all the pieces of Organice fruit that you want but the natural sugars will still add up and increase fat storage. Low Fat or Fat Free foods often make up for their lack of flavor with more sugar or other flavor-enhancing chemicals. Similarly, Sugar Free foods may add additional fat to improve flavor. Many foods are marketed as diet or health foods but reading the nutritional label will tell you a different story. For instance, Nutrigrain Bars are not very nutritious at all and its ingredient list is nearly identical to those of another Kellogg product: Poptarts. Also, some diet foods are not the most agreeable with your stomach and digestive system. While there are plenty of good health foods out there, the most important thing is to become educated on nutrition and read the food labels. Just because a product is marketed as Diet or Low Fat doesn't mean it is a healthy option for you and your fitness goals.

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