Free Frugal Workout Weekly Regimen!

Here is a complimentary 1 week Frugal Workout regimen that you can do combining some of my best FREE workout videos! It's FRUGAL-TASTIC!! Follow for 4-8 weeks to see the frugal fat-burning results!

-Dumbbells, bands, or heavy household objects may be substituted in for any barbells used
-Running or biking can be substituted in for walking if you desire, have access, or are able
-You can separate the lifting and cardio portions of workouts into 2 parts of the day if you'd like
-User lighter weights and 12-15+ reps per set if your primary goal is fat loss / toning and not muscle building
-Stretch muscle groups used at the end of each workout for at least a few minutes (static stretches)

Week Workout Split:
Monday:    Leg Workout  + Calf Workout
Tuesday:   Chest Workout  + Shoulder Workout + Ab Workout + 30 Minute Walk + 2 Min Jumping Jacks
Wednesday:  45 Minute Walk with some Jogging Intervals
Thursday:  Bicep Workout + Tricep Workout + Trapezius Workout  + Ab Workout
Friday:       Back Workout + 30 Minute Walk + 2 Minutes Jumping Jacks
Saturday:   Lower Back Workout 45 Minute Walk with some Jogging Intervals + 2 Minutes Stair Runs
Sunday:     Rest + Active Recovery (5 Minute Walk + Static Stretches + Foam Roll w/ Tennis Ball)

Repeat For 4-8 Weeks
Approximate Time Commitment Per Week: 6-7.5 hours total

Hope you enjoy, more workouts in the eBooks "The Frugal Workout" and "The Complete Guide To Frugal Fitness", in my free playlist "Frugal Workouts" on YouTube, or in the "Free Workouts" page of this site!

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