Prison Cell Workout: Bodyweight Blitz

Luckily I have never been incarcerated, but I can always appreciate a creative approach to workouts with little or no equipment. This particular workout below actually doesn't require any equipment (which unfortunately leaves out pullups) but will still pack a punch and keep you fit whether you are traveling, stuck at home, or even serving time.

x = 1 set of 15-20+ reps or 15-20+ seconds held

3x Wide Pushups 
3x Knuckle Pushups 
3x Planks + Leg Raises 
2x Side Planks alternating
3x Heel Tappers 
3x Crunches + Twisting Crunches
3x Alternating Single Leg Hip Bridges 
3x Chair/Stair/Bed/Bench Tricep Dips 
3x Wide Squats (bodyweight or use household object) 
3x Regular Squats (bodyweight or use household object) 
3x Single & Double Calf Raises on Step (vary foot position and do some seated)

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