Do Athletes Get Preferential Treatment?

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I'd hope the answer to this question is no. Unfortunately, athletes in today's society may be able to take advantage of our legal system.

 How about Donte Stallworth? He killed a man when driving under the influence and barely spent any time in a jail cell. It probably wasn't even a cell. I bet he had a TV, computer access, etc, etc. Your average Joe kills someone in this type of accident - bam. Automatic year plus in the clink. Wouldn't it make more sense to spread awareness by showing the public that no one, even famous individuals, is immune to our country's laws? 


I feel like athletes definitely get preferential treatment. Some I feel are great role models, and mentors to todays youth so if they get treated better here and there i have no problem with that because i sincerely believe they are good people. however some athletes don't deserve to be in the spotlight nor do they deserve preferential treatment. Michael Vick for example is a perfect example, the guys fights dogs for a living get a short jail sentence and when he gets out is on house arrest in his 6 million dollar home and given a job. how many people released from prison are handed jobs. I don't know of many.

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I think that sometimes it also works against the athlete. If a professional athlete or widely known college athlete does something illegal or controversial, the media is all over them and their families. They also get to deal with seeing rumors and lies about them in the tabloids along with being a big target for eliciting lawsuits from gold diggers and crazed fans. Look at what happened to Tiger Woods for instance. He committed significant infidelity but most people don't have the whole world notified a million times of their text messages and mistakes. Overall I do think they get preferential treatment but sometimes it is balanced out by preferential criticism.

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