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And I thought Rocky Balboa's Sylvester Stallone took some hard punches!

I heard a lecture on this topic recently and I think that it's really great how much awareness and concern has grown surrounding the repercussions inherent in sports such as football. I think it's great that players are doing everything they can to aid in this research, even going as far as donating their brain after death. There are side-effects of brain injuries which most people don't think about which change the way that players live and how they are able to interact with family and friends. This is an area of research which I think could potentially do a world of good. Part of why I find this research so interesting (and important) is that it extends beyond just the sports field. A lot of the funding for this research is coming from the DOD. Imagine how hard it would be having to return home to the US not just with the trauma of what you've seen while abroad but also with an injury that no one knows how to treat let alone detect.

Here's another article which really shows how important this area of research is and how real the problems with sports like football or boxing really are.

Jonathan: Is it the players concern or the people running the business (i.e. NFL, NHL owners) who are the ones actually concerned...
Ted Johnson of the Patriots is only 37 years old and exhibiting signs of Alzheimer's due to multiple concussions. It's a tragedy that can and hopefully will be prevented soon in the future!

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