Supplement Review: Moxie Energy Drink

Moxie Ain't Too Shabby!
Most people don't know that Moxie is still around in a limited capacity, kind of like Red Dog Beer. Also like Red Dog Beer, one of the only things good about it is the low price and the look on everyone's face when you drink it in front of them. Moxie Energy Drink with Zero Carbs is by no means bad. It has the usual energy drink ingredients plus the added bonus of 200% Vitamin C per 16 oz can and extra Vitamin B6. It also has one of the most random ingredients ever added to an energy drink, Gentian Root. I've casually looked up this herb a few times over the years and can't find one solid fact on its beneficial properties, except that it was once considered to have tonic properties by some random member of royalty in the middle ages. I certainly would not consider this addition to be beneficial at all. I do like the small content of Yerba Mate and Green Tea but the amounts are very small and pretty insignificant.

The best thing about it, as I mentioned earlier, is the fact that it is only 99 cents for a 16 oz can at most locations. For this price it is very worthwhile, if you see it for the standard $2.50 then I wouldn't buy more than 1 of them. It is worth a try and has a somewhat unique flavor, but overall it probably won't become your energy drink of choice. I'd give it a 7 out of 10 mostly because of the price.

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