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      I wrote "The Frugal Diet" Book because I was would constantly hear that eating healthy was impossible unless you wanted to spend a fortune on groceries every week. With all the Whole Foods and Organic Foods  that are available at high prices, a lot of people do get the idea that eating healthy comes at a premium price. That is not necessarily the case and you can eat healthy to lose bodyfat, gain muscle, and improve health on any budget. There are plenty of tricks and behavioral changes you can make in your diet and your workouts to get in the best shape, in the shortest amount of time, and for the least money. Today I'm going to go over 10 Tips for how to get in better shape for this summer on a budget:

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1) Start Now!

It's April 4th already so summer is a couple months away. An improved health and physique isn't developed in a couple weeks at the end of May, it is developed over time. You can always improve to an extent in a short amount of time, but the sooner you start the better. It takes time to improve mind muscle connection, put on muscle mass, improve your hormonal levels, and accumulate significant fat loss to improve aesthetics. How does this help you save money? The sooner you start the less dependent you will be on expensive nutritional supplements, gym memberships, or personal trainers as a last resort type of move if you procrastinate.

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2) Buy Frugal Powerfoods To Maximize Every Dollar!

There are several criteria to look for when you are determining whether a food purchase is worthwhile and you need to make a determination. One of the first ways of determining this is to find out how many total calories you are getting per dollar on your purchase, you want a lot of calories per dollar since you are going to require a certain number of calories per day. A good example of this is purchasing natural peanut butter, you get a lot of calories in a jar for only a few dollars. Obviously, the next thing you need to look for is quality of calories. How much protein does it contain, how much fiber vs. sugars, and how man calories are saturated fat compared with unsaturated fats. Take a look at the micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) content as well.

3) Learn Bodyweight, Band, and Dumbbell Exercises

As will be the cornerstone in my new book "The Frugal Workout", you don't need a big shiny expensive gym membership to get in an excellent workout. Most of the best exercises require little or no exercise equipment at all and just a little know-how to make them effective and well-rounded workouts. Most gyms sell memberships with their countless rows of shiny new equipment, but you actually will get the most bang from your buck with the simplest workout equipment such as dumbbells, bands, and a pullup bar. These free weight exercise modalities force you to use more of your core and stabilizer muscles, unlike those shiny machines, so you burn more calories each repetition! Bands are only about $5 each, dumbbells are only about a dollar a pound, and a pullup bar that you can hang on a door frame is about $20.

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4) Barbeque Instead of Going Out To Eat 

Stay in and cook or barbecue instead of just going out to eat again! Not only can you save a lot of money buying your foods and ingredients on sale or in bulk, but you control what goes into each food and the serving size. If you do go out to eat, make sure you check out the nutritional information before you order. Ask your server or manager, or go to the restaurant website beforehand. There are even some nutritional or restaurant apps for your iPhone, Droid, etc that will tell you the nutritional content of foods or recommend certain healthy foods.

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4) Sign Up For A Pickup League or a Running, Walking, Biking Group

Get up and move! Statistics show that you are more likely to push yourself and stick with your workout regimens if you are in a group, team, or have a workout partner. You can help to keep each other accountable and consistent. Check out your community recreation centers for pickup leagues, fitness groups, or your gym's bulletin board for people looking for workout partners (yes those do exist!). Just don't try to find workout partners via Craig's List or some other potentially sketchy avenue. Your town newspaper or regional magazine might also be good places to look.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

5) Take Advantage of Free Trials for Exercise Classes and Gym Memberships

Nearly every gym, health club, personal trainer and group exercise instructor will give you a free or week pass for you to try out their service if you ask them. They don't always advertise that they will offer these free passes, but if you ask them most businesses would be stupid to say no. Give them a fair shot but don't feel pressured to join unless you really like it and find value in their workouts. You can simply use these free trials to add a bit of variety to your workout regimen as you try out a new class or gym every week or two at no cost!

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6) Buy Non-Perishable Healthy Foods In Bulk!

While you need to purchase some foods fresh and in smaller amounts, like fruits and vegetables, other foods that don't go bad that you know you eat a lot of should be purchased in bulk amounts to save money and reduce packaging waste. Some great foods to buy in bulk for summer frugal dieting are oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, canned tuna, protein powder (soy, whey, casein, or egg), soy beans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, whole grain cereal, and other similar foods. You can't really go wrong with a lot of these options.

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7) Drink To Lower Your Calories and Expenses Not Increase Them!

You can easily raise your daily caloric intake and your food bill if you drink a lot of sodas, fruit juices, or sugary alcoholic beverages. What you are much better off doing is drinking several cups of water, tea, black coffee, diet soda, low fat or fat free milk, soy milk, and light beers or diet soda with hard alcohol. Needless to say, the less alcohol you consume the better it will usually be for your waistline and wallet.

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8) Spread Out Your Meals, Frontload Your Calories, and Prepare Your Meals Ahead of Time

The more you prepare your meals ahead of time, the less chance you will be caught unprepared and have to resort to unhealthy options such as vending machines, fast food, or sweets for your sustenance. Often times people are inherently lazy and do what is convenient so you need to make sure that the healthy food options are what is convenient! If somebody has to go out to get their junk food, they are much less likely to do so. Preparing ahead of time will also help you eat the way your body functions, able to utilize more food the first half of the day and stay fueled throughout the day with healthy snacks and supplements. If you have planned ahead and eaten correctly, you will have eaten plenty of healthy food through the afternoon so that when dinner and bed time come along, you are not starving and vulnerable to binging on junk food.

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9) Educate Yourself on Fitness For Free!

There are a myriad of educational resources out there that will teach you how to . Yes there are better sources than others when it comes to factual content, and you have to worry about biased or sponsored information. That being said, there are still countless resources online, at your library, or in academic journals that can help you in your health and weight loss goals.

10) Buy "The Frugal Diet" Book!

It's the greatest thing since sliced bread! But seriously, while there are many free educational resources and diet books out there, The Frugal Diet is an excellent value that combines a countless number of nutrition tips, frugal tips, meal plans, cheap and healthy recipes, and low cost nutritional supplement recommendations. 

I guarantee, if you utilize The Frugal Diet properly, it will pay for itself the first time you go grocery shopping. The eBook is only a Frugal $4.99 and you can bring it anywhere with you on your smartphone, Amazon Kindle, tablet, e-reader or Computer! Check it out for yourself! NOW AMAZON PRIME MEMBERS BUY ALL MY FRUGAL FITNESS EBOOKS FREE!!

I hope this helps you look and feel your best this summer!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to live healthier on a frugal budget and maximize your performance this summer.

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