Deviating From Your Workout Regimen Can Be GOOD!

Contributed by Amanda Loudin of MissZippy1 www.misszippy1 dot com 

Deviating from the prescribed schedule is ok now and again
I can remember way back when I first started working with a coach for triathlon. If he wrote Thursday’s workout as 3-hr. ride with eight hill repeats, every other one standing, then dammit, I was going to do a 3-hr. ride with eight hill repeats, every other one standing, on Thursday. If I came in at 2:55 on my watch, I was going to do the dreaded add-on to make it to three hours. I was, um, a bit caught up in the importance of the schedule.
That’s not to say that following a schedule or plan isn’t a good idea, especially if you’re paying a coach for it. But I’ve learned over the years that sometimes you have to roll with unexpected changes in your personal schedule. Or perhaps your legs don’t quite feel up to the prescribed workout and you need to cut it a bit short or eliminate some intervals. Take a deep breath–it’s going to be ok.
This week I had to do a heck of a lot of moving around my workouts–there was no other option due to unexpected circumstances. I wanted to make sure I got the miles in, but it wasn’t going to be in the ideal order I had planned. Younger me would have been upset by this. Old
 me knows that it’s ok to have made all these crazy adjustments this week. I still got the training in, even if it wasn’t in the ideal order.
The bottom line is that your body is fairly resilient and understanding if you have to switch things up. Not only that, but we all need a little perspective check once in a while. Are we headed to the Olympics anytime soon? For the vast majority of us, the answer is no. Sometimes life gets in the way of training. A tweak to the schedule here or there isn’t going to make or break our next race.
So next time life throws you a curve ball and it looks like it might affect your training, try hard not to sweat it. This is one of those small things in life–you, and your training, will be just fine.


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