Frugal Recipe: Gnocchi For Two

By Marissa Bognanno, Professional Chef & Zumba Instructor, and Author of The Boot Blog

If you thought gnocchi were hard to make, think again. These deliciously light puffs can be whipped up in a half hour, topped with your sauce of choice, or even just a sprinkling of parmigiano reggiano and a lump of butter or glug of olive oil. They're not super popular here in Barletta, but you will find them on menus usually as an antipasto served baked with tomato sauce and lots of stringy mozzarella. Another favorite way to serve them is with butter reduced down in a sautè pan and a sprig of fresh sage. Let the possibilities inspire you to make your own! And I'm sure your honey will love you for it.

Gnocchi For Two
2 medium potatoes
3/4 cup flour

Peel, chop and boil the potatoes until soft. Mash them with a potato masher or a fork, but not a mixer or they'll get pasty! Salt them to taste. While they are still hot, add the flour and work the mixture with your hands until it becomes like dough. If it's very sticky you can add more flour. Roll out strips of the dough to about a 1/2 inch thickness. Sprinkle some flour on the log of dough. Cut 1/2 inch bits of the dough and slowly roll a fork over the pieces of dough until it forms the typical gnocchi shape. (It gets easier as you go.) Throw the gnocchi into boiling salted water, and strain them when they float to the top, no later. Serve immediately with your sauce of choice.

And what will you serve for dessert, you ask? Cupcakes for two of course! 

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves! Buon San Valentino!  

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