Baby Carrots, Protein Shakes, Wraps, & Cats!

Contributed By Courtney Horan, Author of Sweet Tooth Sweet Life
Boy, I’ll tell ya…it felt great to MOVE today.
I wound up taking yesterday off from any workouts, just for the mere fact that I was feeling completely wiped and unmotivated. I was more sore than expected from Monday’s workout (I blame the yoga!) and since I hadn’t suited up in my workout gear right away in the morning, I lost any motivation to do something later in the day.
Hey, it happens.
Today, however, the workout clothes went on right away and shortly after breakfast settled, I was ready to rock ‘n roll. Nothing crazy…about 20 minutes of power walking + 2 rounds of my timed stability ball circuit. It really feels great to lift those weights again!
It was probably only about 10am by the time I was finished up, so I wanted to get some protein into my system since lunch was a ways away…enter a new-to-me kind of protein powder: GNC 100% Egg Protein in Vanilla Ice Cream.
I received this protein to try out as a part of my partnership with GNC, but hadn’t had an opportunity to try it out until today. This was my first time trying egg protein powder, which honestly, sounded super odd to me at first.
I typically try to avoid most whey proteins, since I have yet to be able to find one that doesn’t upstate the ‘ol tummy, so having something new to try that is more easily digestible was pretty exciting.
The verdict? It’s crazy good! The ‘vanilla ice cream’ flavor really lives up to its name; it’s sweet and super creamy (and I only mixed mine with water). I would totally tell you guys if it was a miss for me, but it was definitely a hit!
By the time I finished that and got ready to shower, I noticed that my buddy Cody wasstill in our bedroom window.
Jay actually opened it early this morning for him, since we saw he was eyeballing it, and he’s seriously been in it ALL morning long. I don’t know what he’s been seeing out there, but he is lovin’ life in that window today. Smile
I’m already excited about I’m planning for dinner tonight (breakfast for dinner, baby – omelettes, turkey bacon, toast!) so having to think of something for lunch wasn’t all that exciting…but hey, look at that?! I managed to get in some veggies today. WOOP.
Baby carrots + hummus and a wrap, made with turkey, avocado (I promise, it’s in there) honey mustard, lettuce, and tomato.
Ok…quick question for you guys about baby carrots (I want to know if I’m the only one who’s nuts to notice this): Do any of you ever eat a baby carrot and think, “wow that was a good one,” then eat another one and think, “ehh, that wasn’t that great”?
I know, this is totally random. But I just want to know that I’m not the only crazy one. Winking smile
I knew I was going to need a little something sweet after lunch today, so I grabbed a dark chocolate Adora disk from the pantry.
I came across this bag a few days ago so now that I know it’s there, I’ve been taking full advantage on the extra chocolate calcium.
Gotta get ready for a couple phone conferences, and then I’m toying with the idea of venturing out to Trader Joe’s for some pumpkin treats…we’ll see whether or not I make it! 

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