Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Supplement Review

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Hope you have been doing well. Question for you. I am looking to continue to build muscle and burn fat/get lean. What I saw on bodybuilding.com are the following must-haves: Multivitamin, essentially fatty acids, fat burner, CLA, BCAA's and whey protein.I was thinking about buying the following and incorporate all in my daily routine. Please let me know what you think. I hope all is well with you bud.

Here is what I am thinking for products. Please let me know if you have any suggestions/opinions otherwise.

Frugal Answer:
Just remember, on bodybuilding.com and some other similar sites, they have deals with certain supplement companies, and also want to sell you x number of products even if you only need .5x, so they don't always suggest the proper ones for everybody. So here are my thoughts on these:

1) Any Dymatize protein is great as far as I'm concerned. I've been a proponent of their Elite XT but it's all good. I buy on Amazon.com or AllStarHealth.com for best prices for this product.

2) Pre-Workouts are ok but in my opinion not necessary for most people and a bit expensive / risky. I'd honestly rather you drink a cup of coffee and a half scoop of protein powder (much cheaper, almost as effective, much lower risk) in water unless you are an elite bodybuilder / powerlifter

3) CLA's are good, I think a bit overhyped on the results they produce, but a solid supplement choice overall if you can remember to take them consistently. I don't have any brand preference really so I'd go with the cheapest on Amazon.com or a GNC brand.

4) BCAA's are great, especially if you are dieting or trying to lose bodyfat the right way while trying to maintain lean muscle mass. This product looks solid to me.

5) Skip the fat burner my friend, especially if you are already drinking at least a cup or two of coffee per day. If you really want, buy some cheap green tea extract capsules at CVS, drink a few cups of green tea, or drink an extra cup of coffee. All fat burners are glorified caffeine pills with some extra bells and whistles that add minimal benefit.

6) Essential Fatty Acids / Omega-3 Fatty Acids are great, take 2-6 capsules daily in my opinion, spread out throughout the day. However, you can buy these much cheaper at CVS (fish oil or flaxseed oil) CVS brand, especially when they are on sale 2 big bottles for $10 or so.

7) Another great product, but I think you'll get just as much benefit buying a Target brand multivitamin for men for $4 or a CVS / One A Day / Centrum Multivitamin for $8-10 as you will from Optimum Nutrition, etc and all the mega vitamin packs. 

As I mentioned, I'm also a fan of Green Tea and/or Green Tea Extract. I also love my EmergenC for extra Vitamin C, B-Vitamins, micronutrients, and electrolytes. Hope this helps, simplifies/explains the products a bit, and saves you some cash on your frugal dietary supplements!

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