Shrimp, Chicken, & Tofu + Lobster Sauce Epic Frugal Recipe Combo!

Contributed By Helen Chin Lui, Owner of Healing Place

Lobster Sauce is a type of sauce used in American-Chinese recipes. Lobster sauce is most commonly used as a sauce for the dish Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. You can substitute the shrimp with squid, any solid white fish and/or scallops. If you are adventurous you can combine 2 cups of various seafood,  i.e., ½ c cleaned, peeled, shrimp, 1 c of fish cut in 1” pieces, and a  1/2 cup of cleaned, sliced into rings, squid.
Most people believe that lobster sauce contains lobster meat. In fact there is no lobster in the lobster sauce. In Cantonese cuisine, the lobster sauce is poured over stir-fried lobster in the shell. In this type of lobster sauce there are eggs in this recipe.
The dish typically contains chicken broth or water to make the gravy, garlic, ginger, and fermented black beans. The sauce is thickened with cornstarch. For meat you may use either ground pork, ground chicken or ground turkey meat.

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Serves: 6-8
Recipe can be halved or doubled.
1 lb of either ground chicken, turkey or pork  meat
¾ lb of peeled, shrimp
1 lb of firm tofu, diced into 1″  chunks
1 medium, thinly, sliced, zucchini *
½ lb fresh string beans *
1 C fresh or frozen peas*
1 small, thinly sliced, onion
2 T oyster sauce**
2 T black bean and garlic sauce or paste**
3 chopped fine, fresh garlic
2 thin slices, finely chopped, ginger
2 C of canned or fresh chicken stock or water
¼ t of hot pepper flakes (optional)
3 T roux (mix 2 T of corn starch with 4 T of room temp water)
Oil for the skillet
*You may use up to 2 C of any combined vegetables, i.e. ½ string beans, 1 sliced yellow squash and 1 sliced zucchini. You may use any vegetables you have on hand.
**found in the Asian isle of market
Note: To prevent overcooking, the vegetables, meat and shrimp are all cooked separately. Then all ingredients are put back into the pan to finish cooking together along with the tofu, oyster sauce and black bean and garlic paste. Then add chicken stock or water. Then add corn starch roux to  thicken to your liken.
In a large skillet, pour enough oil to cover the pan (about 3 T.) Heat over high heat until oil is hot. Add garlic, ginger and onion and cook until lightly browned (about 4-5 minutes). While stirring, add shrimp and cook until pink (keep garlic, ginger and onion in the pan.) Remove shrimp and set aside. Add ground meat and cook until done (about 3-4 mins.) Crumble meat so that there are no large lumps. Stir. Once cooked, remove and set aside. If you need more oil, add another tablespoon or 2, more garlic if you want, and sautéed vegetables until tender (about 5-7 minutes).
Stirring continuously, add the cooked chicken, shrimp, tofu, oyster sauce and black bean and garlic paste back into the pan. Add chicken stock. With a lid on, bring mixture to a boil. Take lid off, while stirring, add corn starch roux in a thin stream and pour enough roux to thickened the sauce to your liken. Continuously stir until gravy has thickened (about 3 minutes.) If the sauce is too thick add more stock or water (about 1-3 T) and if it is too thin add more roux and continuously stir over high heat until it is the right consistency.
Serve over white or brown rice.

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