Eating is a basic necessity for us to survive in this world. And eating right is essential to survive for the longest time and in a better way. As the time passes we seem to complicate everything, including those two basic facts. As of now, there are two primary ways of people's diets: vegetarian and omnivorous (eating meats and plant-based nutrition). If you divide the vegetarian category even further, we find a rare subset of people who prefer to eat fruits more than any other food and that diet is said to be a fruitarian. Vegans get a lot of the publicity and discussion but not many people label themselves as fruitarians or practice this diet. 

The most famous fruitarian, and the reason any of you have even heard of this dietary approach, is the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. But did you know that Ashton Kutcher had a hospital visit due to a fruitarian diet? Kutcher was playing Steve Jobs in a a biopic movie and wanted to walk in his shoes. So he adopted his lifestyle for the better understanding. But unfortunately, he ended up in a hospital 


Fruitarian is a diet in which you consume 75% of your food that is fruit, and the rest is whole grain or seeds. In this sort of diet, some people prefer the fruit that falls but itself and is not handpicked. For me, everything has pros and cons to it and to look into a matter; one must be fully aware of both the sides. So let me list down what I know about it all. 


To consume fruits is a good this and we all are fully aware of that, following are the benefits you most know a fruit diet brings to our life. 


Research has shown that fruits can reduce our chances of having cancer or other chronic diseases. Fruit is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants that help you fight with the bacteria and other oxidizing free radicals that may cause you harm. 


Most people requires almost 24 grams of fiber on a daily basis for healthy living. A cup full of berry contains one-third of the required intake indicates us the benefits of having fruits in our life and having an adequate amount of fiber also save us from one of the most common problems of constipation. 


Fruits contain lesser calories than meat or any other kind of food. Also, if you are consuming a meaty or vegetable dish, you are supposed to use oil in it, whether less or more but you have to use it and let’s face it, it is nothing but additional calories. Keep reading for the recipe of some low-calorie food.


To all the people who hate cooking or are just lazy like me who can do anything just to avoid some cooking time in the kitchen, fruitarianism is a way for you. The maximum cooking related that you could do in a kitchen with fruit is cut it or make a salad out of it or would make a smoothie in two minutes.


Enough with the benefits, for now, let's see what disadvantages do we have of having 75% fruits in our diet.


While one must love fruits and this type of diet, not everyone is fond of what you call healthy. There are very few individuals out there who like to live there lie as a fruitarian. What they have to face is a bit of loneliness and isolation when it comes to eating. When their family and friends are ordering something meaty the only plate with fruits in it is them, and this may make people point out things for them. Some people actually zone out people around them to avoid questions or suggestions for them about their lifestyle. And if not this then there friends or family zone them out because every time they want to plan a dinner, there fruit lover is concerned about fruits in the menu which we must except is not something every restaurant serves. 


In another diet to lose weight, when we tell our nutritionist that we often crave for sugar what should we do. We always find them suggest to have fruit instead of a dessert or chocolate but what if you have to eat fruits all day long? Fruits contain fructose which is good if you are only consuming 25 grams of it per day or less. Having only three sweet fruits can make you reach your daily consumption goal. On a fruitarian diet, you cannot restrict yourself to just three sweet fruits, and that is quite obvious. With this diet, you may end up as a diabetic patient or maybe become subject of obesity. If you are adopting fruit diet to lose fat, then please give it a thought. Because you may end up gaining weight rather than shredding it down. 


When a person restricts its diet to fruits only, we derive ourselves from food and when our body does not have enough food to break down to have energy our metabolism get affected. One of the major reasons for low metabolism rate is depriving your body with the necessary nutrients that it has to have a healthier life. You'll need to exercise to increase your metabolism but you won't have the energy to workout or the protein needed for muscle building and recovery.


Yes, fruits have vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and much more but is that enough? Is that all a human body want? Certainly not, and people on fruitarianism mostly take supplements to overcome their malnutrition or end up harming themselves. You're missing out on healthy fats and protein, which are 2 out of 4 of the most important macronutrients (in addition to water and carbohydrates) we all need to live a healthy life. 


I always recommend people to have it all in the right quantity. Our body needs a Variety of things to keep us away from unnatural things. Selecting just one of it can make us move towards having a supplement which should never be our priority. But if this is something you just have to do, then thing your diet through and if needed include supplements to not let your body face malnutrition. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about what a fruitarian diet entails and the advantages and disadvantages of this dietary practice.

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