6 Excellent Exercises To Add To Your Workout Routine

Not all exercises are created equal and a lot of inexperienced exercise enthusiasts spend too much time on isolation exercises (bicep curls for example) instead of the compound exercises (pullups for example) that burn more calories and build more muscle. Here are 6 exceptional exercises that you should be adding to your home workout or gym routine, or focusing on more instead of the inefficient vanity exercises. 

1. Deadlifts 

Deadlifting is a full body, compound move that gets your heart rate pumping, your muscles burning, and your butt on fire (in a good way. Not the you-just-ate-something-spicy way). Deadlifts work your spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings, quads, traps, abs and obliquges, lats, and calves. So basically, they work everything and by doing a deadlift, you're saving time and effort by not having to do a million other isolation exercises.

2. Pushups 

We all know that pushups are hard and that they're full of suck. But they're so good for you and should never be skipped. Like deadlifts, they're a compound movement that uses almost all the muscles in your body. Pushups work your chest, shoulders, triceps, back and if you're doing them properly, your abs. If you can't do a full military style pushup, there is no harm in starting out with an incline pushup. Try doing pushups with your hands on a table, wall, or counter and then progress to the floor. And once you've become a pushup rockstar, you can make them harder by doing decline pushups with your feet on a chair, or around-the-world pushups. AND you can even move on to doing a handstand pushup. I'm still working on that one though. 

3. Lunges

Like pushups, lunges aren't very fun to me. But they're essential because they're one of the few single limb exercises out there that allow you to work on dynamic flexibility for your legs, ankles and feet. Forcing yourself to work on leg at a time also improves your balance and range of motion and can activate muscles that normally aren't worked during bilateral exercises. If you want to make it even more challenging, then make your lunges harder by doing overhead lunges with plate above your head, pausing to a static lunge, then doing a cross over lunge. 

4. Rows 

It doesn't matter which of the million awesome variations of the row you're using just as long as you're getting your row on or working your back in general. Why? Most people work their butts off trying to gain strength and size for the front of their bodies but tend to neglect their back. The back is important to work because we spend so much of our day twisting, turning, bending, etc which puts a huge strain on our back. Strengthening your back prevents future back pain and coupled with a strong core, can assist with other lifts. And if you add inverted rows to your routine, you'll eventually work your way up to being able to do full fledged pullups.

5. Kettlebell Swings

Who doesn't love kettlebell swings? They're another exercise that if done properly, work your abs, hips, lower back, hamstrings and shoulders. It's an explosive move that helps you run faster, jump higher and further, and adds upper body power. You can swing with both arms at once or do single arm swings. They also get your heart rate pumping as if you're doing cardio and they're just plain fun to do. And make sure when you're doing these, make sure you're swinging from the hips and not lifting with the arms.

6. Squats

You didn't think I'd leave squats off the list did you? Squats (whether they're front, back, dumbbell, resistance band, or Smith Machine) are the king of all exercises, can be done anywhere, and can be made even more of a total body exercise by combining with other exercises. Shoulder presses, curls, front raises, kettlebell swings, and even overhead triceps extensions can be added on to squats to involve even more muscle groups and burn additional calories.

Don't let your newly found workout efficiency go to waste and make sure to compliment these exercises with healthy eating and smart life choices.

I hope you enjoyed this article about exceptional exercises you should add to your workout on a budget.

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