7 Best Alternative Ways To Workout

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If you are a little tired of just working out on the treadmill, then there are more fun ways to workout. You can get fit and achieve the fitness goals that you have by still doing the things that you want to do. So if you do like to workout but want to try something new to your workouts. Variety is the spice of life after all, in life and in fitness. 

Here are some suggestions to give a go in your workout regimen. Have you tried any of these 7 top alt fitness modalities before? 

Aerial Yoga 

Yoga is something that you might be already doing as it is a great way to relax, stretch, and strengthen your muscles. But to make the exercise a little more interesting, then it can be a good idea to give a different form of yoga a go. Hot yoga is a form of yoga that can be fun, but one that is much more accessible and can be done at plenty of levels, is aerial yoga. It allows you to get at some pretty epic positions, so it strengthens you and can give you a really good boost as you can feel like you are doing so much. There are lots of studios setting up around the country, so just see if there is one close by to you. 


Martial arts can be a fun way to work out as you can really feel like you are kicking butt and doing something to give you some strength. If you are looking for some judo info, then it is worth noting that the martial art of judo is a modern martial art which later evolved into a combat and Olympic sport, and it can be plenty of fun and a good cardio workout as well as a strength workout. A pretty great stress-reliever too as you can punch and kick through your way to your fitness goals. 


If you want to live out your ‘Glow’ dreams, then learning to do some wrestling can be a fun thing to do. You may not have done it since high school, but as it is all bodyweight based, it can be such a good strengthening workout. It is great for cardio as well as for being a stress-reliever. Plus, it can be something really unique to do and you can be a little silly with it. 

Pole Fitness 

Pole fitness is taking the world by storm and it is making pole fitness a really empowering way to workout. You use your bodyweight so it means that you can really build up your strength and power and tone up your muscles like nothing else. It is one of the best ways to strengthen your core, so can be good for all moms that want to tone up and get their stomach back to how it was before children. It is definitely taking a step back from the ‘sleazy’ tag that it has had before, and it can be fun to work out with girlfriends in a fun and safe environment. 


Getting out on the water is a really unique and fun outdoor way to exercise. Kayaking, for example, can be one of the best things to do for a workout, as it is amazing for your upper body. You can really get your heart rate up too, and get out of breath with it. Plus, you get to be out on the open water which is something to really enjoy; got to love an additional boost of vitamin D. You could do this out on lakes, leisure centers, as well as certain pools. 


Getting your bounce on can be a great way to exercise and the best thing is that it is low impact so can work well if you have got bad knees or joints, for instance. There are formal trampolining lessons that you could have, as well as going to one of the many trampolining parks that are growing in popularity. They can be pretty inexpensive and you can take it as intense or as slow and gentle as you want. 

Boot Camps 

Exercising in a military style fitness boot camp is a great way to workout. You can get a full body workout done in the great outdoors, all with the motivation to get you working out as much as you can. Working out in a large group can be a great morale boost and make it much more fun too. 

What Ways Will You Workout?

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