Common Health Issues In Older Age

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Even though it’s encouraging news that we tend to live longer nowadays, there’s still a major concern for many seniors regarding their health. After the age of 65, over 50% of seniors are faced with managing various health issues in order to remain healthy which can be quite daunting and challenging. 

As much as aging is a natural process and should be accepted as such, it still requires strength and determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also means you should be as informed as possible so you could recognise the problem and be better prepared to deal with it. Here are several most common health issues people face in their older years. 


Statistical data reveals that about 20% of senior population have dealt with depression at some point. Often ignored and underestimated, depression is a serious illness that can seriously undermine a person’s immune system. In addition to medical therapy, the solution can be in remaining both physically and socially active. Moderate daily physical activity and support from friends and family can greatly improve the quality of senior living. 

Cognitive Issues 

Dealing with cognitive issues such as the loss of cognitive functions is probably one of the hardest aspects of growing old. The most frequent condition that affects a large number of population over the age of 65 and especially those in their 80s is dementia. This is a progressive and degenerative disease with no known cure for now but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any solutions and therapies for helping people cope with the condition. 

In addition to various treatments that treat the symptoms and professional in-home assistance, there are great options for high-standard dementia care centres that offer expert staff that ensure versatile professional care for dementia-affected patients. 


Osteoarthritis is a medical condition that affects the joints and causes constant stiffness and pain that is often followed by swelling and restricted mobility. There are available drugs to treat the symptoms, but it’s imperative the person follows a healthy diet and monitors their body weight. With the addition of low-impact exercises such as yoga, swimming, walking and moderate aerobics, symptoms can be significantly alleviated. 


Malnutrition is often underdiagnosed in adults over the age of 65 and is a frequent cause of muscle weakness and poor immune response. The causes of malnutrition can be forgetfulness and dementia, alcoholism, depression, lack of social life and limited budget. Incorporating small dietary changes such as increasing the fruit and vegetable intake and lowering the levels of salt and saturated fats can greatly help in improving the elderly health issues. 

Constipation and incontinence are often age-related, but these two conditions can also be the result of poor nutrition. This is why it’s essential to maintain a healthy diet and lead an active lifestyle with the option of including medical treatment if needed. 


Diabetes is a serious health risk for senior citizens and retirees that affects about a quarter of people over the age of 65 and is one of the leading causes of death. As a part of systematic health control, seniors should take regular blood sugar level test as an early diagnosis proves critical in preventing the disease. It also allows sufficient time to improve long-lasting health prospects. 

Final Thoughts

Older age means inevitable change that we’ll all need to deal with, and in order to do it successfully, it’s important to recognize the signs, eat well and remain active. Hopefully, that could help in keeping the illness at bay and allowing us to enjoy our golden years.

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