Ultra Omega Burn Review: Fat Burning Supplement

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Losing weight has never been easy, at least for most people. Research shows that 49% of the people living in the U.S. are struggling to lose weight. 

The report, compiled several years ago, reveals that 62% of the whole U.S. population have tried following a diet plan, over 30% have tried exercise and the rest have tried fasting and dietary supplements, among other weight-loss solutions. 

Of all the strategies for losing weight, using supplements appears to be the simplest. However, it can also the most complicated option because the market is full of these products and users need to understand how each works, just to be sure they are safe and effective and whether they are worth trying. 

What Is Ultra Omega Burn? 

Ultra Omega Burn is a weight loss dietary supplement that promises its users a quick permanent solution to their weight problem. The formula depends on Omega-7 as its major ingredient. The manufacturer claims it offers a sure weight-loss solution through its ability to instruct fat cells to release their stored fat on demand, which is then used as fuel. 

After entering the system, this ingredient conveys a signal to the body that the source of energy needs to change. Thus, instead of using the ready glucose in the liver for fuel, fat cells begin to release their stored fat to be used as the alternative fuel. 

Besides helping to boost your weight-loss efforts, this formula is said to improve the user’s health in general, something that many diet pills also promise. It is also claimed that this product has other benefits such as managing cholesterol levels and resolving issues related to poor digestion. 

What Are The Ingredients Of Ultra Omega Burn? 

The company behind this weight-loss supplement purports to use only organic and pure ingredients that have been handpicked for quality, and this is what makes it effective. 

They say the ingredients work together to deliver the product’s promise of being a quick weight loss solution. However, there is only one key active ingredient used in Ultra Omega Burn that is mentioned on the product website: 

According to various research, Palmitoleic acid (along with Margaroleic acid and Vaccenic acid) is known to be one of the most common varieties of unsaturated Omega-7 fatty acids. 

Common sources for these fatty acids include salmon, anchovy, eggs, olive oil, macadamia nuts, cod liver oil and sardines. However, most people won’t eat enough of these foods on a daily basis to get adequate amounts of Omega-7 which is why taking it in a supplement form can be beneficial. 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages? 

Like most other weight loss pills, this formula has both positive and negative points. 


· It might help with breaking through a stubborn weight-loss plateau 

· It is said to enhance the fat burning process 

· Individuals with appetite issues can use it to help control their cravings. 

· It’s said to help regulate blood sugar levels 

· Might raise energy levels as the initially stored fats get burned. 

· Has a soothing effect, might improve sleep and reduce inflammation 


· There is no official clinical test done that can confirm the safety and effectiveness of this product. 

· It is likely to cause unwanted effects if used outside the prescribed dosage. 

Are There Any Additives In Ultra Omega Burn? 

It is unclear if the formula includes any additives. However, it is possible for unsaturated fatty acids to go “bad” depending on the mode of production, source or storage, so it is likely that this product might have preservatives. 

This means that users who react to food additives need to consult with their physician before using this product. 

Besides that, there is no recorded clinical test that claims the safety of this product, so it is advisable that users with other medical conditions or those who are under medication consult with their doctor before considering taking the product. 

Ultra Omega Burn Rating Conclusion 

There is no denying that losing weight is difficult for the majority of people. 

With so many supplements like Balance of Nature on the market, knowing which one will be beneficial is extremely difficult, which is why it’s vital for consumers to be well informed. 

While the Omega-7 in Ultra Omega Burn may help the body to burn fat and cleanse your system of bodyfat more efficiently, it is the only key ingredient in the formula and the manufacturer produces no evidence to show exactly how effective it is on its own. 

According to the product website, this fat loss supplement may help people who hit a weight-loss plateau and reignite the whole process of effective fat burning. 

Knowing the pros and cons of the product can help the consumer make up their mind as to whether this is a supplement that is worth buying or if they should look around for something that contains a wider range of ingredients.

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