How Smaller Brands On Instagram Grow And Drive More Traffic

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Ever since the economically difficult times, the fashion industry has embraced digital technology in a big way. Social networks and pictures have become the core elements of the fashion companies’ stratagems. Social media platforms in general and particularly, Instagram has become an integral part of their social marketing strategy. Instagram is a crucial platform for sales and marketing of fashion brands especially, the smaller brands. However, the smaller fashion brands have yet to achieve a reasonable level of mastery over this powerful social media platform. 

Instagram is inherently best-suited to the creations of the fashion world. The fashion brands are thriving on Instagram as they focus on having the community and visual dimensions that are integral to this versatile platform. We find that purchases are actually linked to a distinctive sense of belonging to a particular group, or for imitating the celebs or the stars. Moreover, fashion brands have realized the fact that Instagram is unmatched as a way of reaching millennials. 

As per recent statistics, around 90 % of the users on Instagram were supposed to be less than 35 years of age. The millennials are loyal followers of the different social media platforms and they develop a different kind of a relationship with the brands. They focus more on the usage as compared to the possession. Moreover, they have shown that they are really sensitive to the stunning beauty and power of pictures. Another attribute of millennials is the fact that they desire to have things almost instantaneously. 

What Facts Do You Know About The Fashion Brands Present On Instagram? 

• Fashion is surely one of the most popular and biggest industries present on Instagram. 

• A third of all Instagram users actually, have bought a garments item they found on Instagram. With more millennials coming to join this versatile platform, we find that Instagram is gradually establishing a niche for itself and is a fantastic bet for the fashion brands. 

• Both industry marketing opportunity and competition are growing. 

Let us explore the ways to boost fashion brands. 

Perfecting Your Images Would Mean Surefire Success 

Instagram is known to be the realm of stunning pictures. More so if you are a fashion brand, you are expected to generate top quality visual content in the Instagram feed. High- resolution pictures must be shared on this versatile social media platform for boosting more engagement and driving more traffic to your fashion site. Quality images must necessarily have the following attributes. 

• They must be high-resolution. High resolution seems to everything that one could ask for. Nobody seems to be interested in low-quality hazy pictures. If you want that your fashion brand must outshine the others and stay well ahead of the competition, you must post top quality photos that are clicked using a good traditional or old-school camera and not by your smartphone camera. 

• Your images must necessarily tell a story. A picture is incomplete without a compelling caption. Only words could give a whole new dimension to an image. Pictures that convey a story would be getting maximum engagement and could drive more traffic to your fashion site. 

• Your images must be relevant to the theme. They must be uniform and your Instagram feed must work precisely the same way. Your pictures could seem to be different or separate pieces, however, they are uniform and one in spirit and they should essentially appear as a uniform whole. Your entire Instagram feed must appear as an organic outfit. 

• All photographs must create a uniform or signature look. 

• Examine tools such as Snapseed, VSCO, and a color Story. 

• For efficient mobile photography, examine the above-mentioned tools while editing your pictures. 

Focus On Behind-The-Scenes For Ultimate Engagement 

Your Instagram images must be attractive and perfect in every way to grab consumer attention, boost engagement and drive increased traffic to your fashion site. However, in your quest for perfection, you must not feel scared of displaying the real you. You must consider telling your original story on Instagram Stories, Instagram’s Snap Chat version. The best thing about pictures posted in your Instagram Stories is that people see them and appreciate them but they would be lasting on the Instagram Stories for just 24 hours or a single day. Hence, there is absolutely no reason to be obsessive about the various aspects of your Instagram in terms of the color of your choice. 

As per Rise Pro, “Generate great stories – and if you have star value, make sure you use it. As a fashion retailer, you’re here on Instagram to market yourself — and there’s no better way to do it than by showing the real you.” You could get real likes for your Instagram post by seeking professional assistance from a digital marketing company of repute. 

Determine The Right Hashtags 

Hashtags have been introduced just about eleven years ago but it has become extremely popular and is regarded as the most effective and competent discovery tool utilized by millions of Instagram users across the globe. For instance, consider #love, it is supposed to be the most frequently used and most popular Instagram hashtag and it has already been used by over 1,302,700,439 Instagram posts. It would take you an entire lifetime to browse all the Instagram posts that are tagged with #love. Will it do any good to promote your fashion brand with such a hashtag? No, not at all! It is extremely broad and so your photo would become merely a drop in an expansive ocean. For effectively promoting your fashion brand and connecting with numerous people to generate more traffic, you must use narrow long-tail hashtags to tag your Instagram posts. 

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Conclusion: You Must Engage More 

Once you master the techniques of achieving perfect photography and use hashtags to the fullest potential, the next proactive step that you must take is actually to interact and engage with more and more such people who are using the same hashtags. You must like their posts. Keep commenting on a regular basis on their pictures. You could consider asking for permission to go about reposting provided they featured your unique product in an excellent way. The picture must necessarily match with the essence and mood of your Instagram feed. You must make efforts to build a strong community by efficiently engaging and interacting with all your prospective customers. We have discussed a few amazing techniques of bonding with your Instagram followers and boosting the mutual trust that would encourage more engagement and boosting loyalty to your original brand.

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