5 Things To Know Before Ordering Kratom Online

tips ordering kratom online

If you are here reading this article it's because you have somehow heard about all the benefits kratom has to offer. People have said it's helped them with their anxiety, depression, and pain among many other claims.

Although it's been used for centuries in Southeast Asia it's relatively new in western countries.

Before you go load up on pounds of this it's smart to do some research before buying Kratom online. Keep reading to learn 5 things you should know before ordering Kratom online.

5 Things to Know Before Ordering Kratom Online

1. Learn the Laws in Your Area

Because kratom has been under scrutiny by the FDA and DEA, it is not legal in some states. Before you order your kratom capsules online, make sure to do your research and make sure you're not breaking laws where you live. 

As of the writing of this article, Kratom is illegal in 16 countries because it's being labeled as a controlled substance. Laws are constantly changing which means it's important to double check before placing your order. The last thing you want is to get in trouble because it's illegal where you live.

This is no different than cannabis laws varying by state. Do your research.

2. Shelf Life

As long as you store your Kratom correctly it has a long shelf life. Make sure you store it in a cool dry place for it to last longer.

You can keep it in glass jars or Ziploc bags. Take as much air out of the Ziplock as you close it. The key is to not have it in direct sunlight, or in a humid area of your home. 

3. FDA and Kratom

We touched a bit on this earlier about kratom being under FDA scrutiny because they claim that Kratom has similar effects to narcotics. Due to this claim on Kratom, they are trying to make it illegal everywhere and classify it as a schedule 1 drug everywhere.

There has been scientific research done that doesn't back up this claim but they are still fighting to make Kratom illegal.

4. Vendor's Track Record

Something that's important to look out for when ordering online is who you're buying from. Not all vendors have the consumer as their priority. Thanks to the internet you can do a few searches and find reviews to see how past customers have felt with the product.

Make sure that the Kratom vendor is accepting valid ways of taking payment and not something that seems funny such as "cash only." A quality Kratom vendor will give you peace of mind by offering a money back guarantee in case you're not satisfied. 

5. Medical Claims

Browse the Kratom vendor's website to make sure that they're not making claims that are not true. A vendor should never make claims that kratom can treat diseases because this isn't in compliance with the FDA.

They can claim that Kratom helps benefit functions in the human body or that it can help with chronic pain. These types of claims on Kratom use are fine for them to state.

Choose Your Kratom Vendor Wisely

Now that you have read the 5 things above that you should know before ordering Kratom online it's time to choose your vendor. Don't forget to choose a Kratom dealer who has a money back guarantee this will give you peace of mind that they are confident in their product.

If you're also curious in learning more about CBD make sure to check out our CBD section with an endless amount of valuable information to clear up any questions you might have.

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