8 Packaging Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

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Around 82 percent of entrepreneurs never doubted that they had enough experience or education to be successful in the business. 

This kind of self-confidence is crucial if you want to succeed. Yet, there are also times when you need to take listen and learn from other people.

You may already have an awesome idea for a product. But, if you down sit up and take note of the importance of packaging your product, you'll fail.

You need to learn quickly that packaging trends can have a huge impact on whether you attract customers or not.

Keep reading below to discover the most important product packaging trends which you need to keep track of. Let's go!

1. Packaging with a Cheeky Smile

If you want your packaging to stand out on the store shelves, making prospective customers chuckle and laugh can help a lot. Everyone needs cheering up sometimes.

Of course, most packaging is quite serious. You normally simply want to explain to consumers that it's extremely important that they buy your product. They can't live without it!

Yet, marketers have also explored the benefits of adding a sense of humor to the packaging. This could be right for your product!

Can you make a joke on your packaging? Are there any playful images you could use? If your product is fun and carefree, then your packaging should probably be the same.

But, making jokes on the packaging is a risky business. If it goes well, it could pay off big time!

2. Care for the Planet and the Environment

If you haven't already heard about the looming climate crisis, then you must have been living in a cave until now.

Many businesses are rushing to appeal to eco-conscious customers. There is a growing number of them!

The environment is affected by everything from the product to the packaging. You need to take into account what happens to your product's packaging after you have sold it.

Ask yourself questions such as: Can it be recycled safely? Is your packaging made from recycled materials?

It's good for business too!

Over 66 percent of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands. The percentage of younger people is even higher than this.

By investing more money in your packaging to ensure that it's environmentally friendly, you could add value to your product.

3. Less Is More for Many

Minimalist style is very much in vogue at the moment. Keeping your packaging as simple as possible may be the right choice. You can also effectively convey your brand as a clean and efficient product with a simple design. 

Compare how the Apple brand has developed over the decades. The Apple logo from the 1980s looks extremely dated and cluttered now. By contrast, the contemporary design is simple and effective.

Eager to learn more? You can read more about the benefits of minimalist packaging in the Business section of our site. 

4. Vintage Designed Packaging

Do you have a product which plays on people's nostalgia for times gone by? You can also inspire your customers with vintage packaging.

This can include everything from the materials to the patterns on the packaging. You may be able to add a contemporary twist to a traditional design.

For example, are you selling artisanal cookies? You can draw inspiration from the handmade style packaging which was used by independent bakeries years ago. 

5. Open Window Packaging 

Who wouldn't want to peek inside before they buy? We know we would!

Packaging with an open transparent window is especially popular among customers. People want to be able to see what they're buying.

You should know that this type of packaging can be expensive to manufacture. Don't get us started on the recycling problems as well!

Giving your customers a window into your product is a surefire method of building trust. This is the end of the experience of taking the product home to be disappointed.

6. Black and White Is Always Classic

The black and white combo never gets old when it comes to designing packaging.

There is something so powerful about bold white lettering against a black background. The same goes for a stylish black font over a plain white canvas. 

There are no distractions with this style. If you want to display your product in a timeless fashion, don't look beyond the black and white packaging.

7. Packaging with a Message of a Worthy Cause 

Do you support a worthy cause? You can label your community or social projects on your packaging. 

Up to 85 percent of consumers say that they have a more positive image of a product if the company supports a cause that they care about. 

Therefore, promoting a cause with your packaging can be good for business and society. For example, tell the customer about why you give 1 percent of your profits to a particular cause. 

8. Pastels Are the Pallete of the Day

Colors are an essential component of expressing your brand's message. Colors come into the trend as quickly as they leave.

You may have noted that pastels are all the rage at the moment. It used to just be that pastels arrive around springtime, but now they're everywhere. This could be the Instagram influence on the marketing world of packaging.

Nevertheless, you may want to jump on the pastel train with fluffy yellows and delicate pinks for your packaging design.

What Are the Latest Packaging Trends?

Marketing trends in packaging are constantly changing. You need to keep track of these changes if you want to make a good impression on your customers.

Even the best products need great packaging to make sales. You can pick from one of the above packaging trends to promote your product on the shelves.

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