6 Office Layout Ideas to Maximize Productivity

office layout ideas maximize workplace productivity workspace efficiency

Has your office recently fallen behind on productivity? This might not be an issue caused by lazy employees. The lack of productivity might actually be caused by a non-productive work environment. 

One of the main factors that contribute to whether a work environment is productive or not is the office layout design. What's the design of your office's layout? Take some time to inspect how your office space is set up for your employees.

Are your employees able to move around without constriction? Are positive elements used in the layout rather than negative ones? These are just a few questions to ask yourself when considering some new office layout ideas. 

Imagine how much your business will profit once you increase productivity in the office by simply switching up the office layout design. It's time to make that vision a reality! Continue reading below to find out how. 

1. A Balanced Workplace

Remember being taught in school that everyone learns differently? There are different types of learners, and it's essential for teachers to incorporate all different learning styles when teaching a lesson to a classroom. This is the best way to ensure that everyone understands the material.

The same is true when these children grow up into working adults. Everyone works better in different environments. It's now time to play the role of the teacher and create an office layout that'll benefit every employee. 

To do this, you'll need to have a balanced workplace with an area for quiet work, areas for collaboration, and areas for a more relaxed workspace. Have rooms with whiteboards in them, rooms with computers, and so on. You also want to keep in mind that some people work better in open spaces, while others work best in more compact spaces. 

A balanced workplace is one that incorporates every type of work environment, allowing all employees to have a "safe' place. 

2. Amplified Lighting 

A Layout with amplified lighting is a layout that'll boost productivity. Lighting plays a huge role in workplace productivity such as creating a safe workplace and improving mental health. You should know what kind of lighting to use in your office to create a work environment that everyone will feel comfortable in.

Natural lighting is your number one source of good lighting. Natural light provides vitamin D for your body and is a great mood booster. For calm work environments, consider using warm lighting fixtures such as lamps. 

Use cooler lighting fixtures to combat fatigue and aid in collaboration. You can take these different lighting ideas and incorporate them into your office's layout, using different kinds of lighting in different rooms. 

3. A Colored Layout

An office layout that uses color correctly is a layout that's ready to increase productivity. This is due to the fact that we absorb different colors in different ways. Our bodies then react in specific ways to the colors around it. 

Warmer colors like orange stimulate creativity and collaboration. The more natural colors like blue and green help to increase focus. When creating your office's layout, consider the type of work that will be done in each room and then paint that room with the corresponding color.  

4. A Space Big Enough for Everyone

When creating your office's layout, be sure that there's enough space for all of your workers. When workers feel crammed in a small area, their productivity levels might not be as high. You want to give everyone enough room to get up and move around.

With that being said, your layout should reflect an office design that encourages movement. Some people work better standing up, while others work better sitting down. It's best to provide multiple work stations where workers can either stand, kneel, sit, or lounge while working. 

When workers are encouraged to get up and move around or switch up work stations, it keeps their brains functioning well and their bodies feeling energized.

5. Live Low-Maintenance Plants

An office layout that has low-maintenance living plants in it is a layout made to increase production from workers. Plants are a great way to reduce stress, bring happiness, and lower noise levels. Some plants are even known to increase the quality of air. 

Crazily enough, many offices don't have live plants in them. You don't want to be one of these places. Instead, add in a few green plants.

Make sure to opt for ones that are low-maintenance, so you won't have to worry as much about keeping them alive. One great choice is the aloe plant as it's very easy to keep alive and also purifies the air around it. 

6. A Snack Room or Section 

An office layout that incorporates a room or section in it for healthy snacking is always an ideal space. Coffee and tea stations are almost the norm in today's world, but healthy snacks are also a must-have. When workers become hungry, their productivity levels will drop. 

If you provide them with a snack room where they can find healthy snacks that'll increase their energy levels and their moods, then you'll have no worries about them slowing down as the lunch hour creeps up. Keep in mind that you'll want to provide snacks that'll be beneficial to them such as fruits, protein bars, and more.

Use These Office Layout Ideas When Remodeling Your Own Office!

If your production numbers have plummeted in your office, then it might be time to use these office layout ideas to increase productivity! When remodeling your office space to create a more productive environment, be sure to keep these 6 design ideas in mind.

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