Five Commandments Of Shopping For Fashion Clothing

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It’s a universally acknowledged truth that women are obsessed with shopping. And they have a tendency to go a little overboard with it. Sometimes they buy stuff that they don’t need or it doesn’t suit them and hence waste their hard-earned money. 

If you are feeling dissatisfied at the end of each shopping spree and regret the purchases, you need to go through the following guide. 

1. Know Your Style 

In order to choose a clothing item, it is important that you know your personal style.  In this digital age, it’s so easy to be influenced by what other people are doing and wearing. Many times you buy an outfit just because it looked good on a certain celebrity or an Instagram influencer without considering your body type and your lifestyle. It’s OK to take inspiration from someone’s but it’s another thing to just follow in someone’s footsteps. So before making a decision, consider whether the outfit looks good on you. Are you comfortable wearing it? Do you really need expensive jeans or you will be better off buying cheap casual dresses? 

2. Shop For Your Skin Tone 

Keep in mind that not every color is going to look good on your skin tone. This can be quite confusing. There is a way to figure out what colors work best for you and complements your complexion. In simpler words, you need to get yourself color analyzed. In this process, you determine the undertones of your complexion which can be classified into cool and warm. So if you have cool complexion than opt for shades that have blue undertones. If your complexion is warmer, go for the clothes with orange undertones. 

3.  Shop For Your Body Type 

It’s vital to understand and determine your body silhouette before buying outfits. Clothes you buy should be able to accentuate your assets, balance your silhouette and conceal the flaws. This all can’t be done without knowing your body type. There are probably hundreds of terminologies for body silhouettes and can often be mind-boggling. If you have an oval body type then your legs are your best assets. Buy clothes that give structure to your shoulders like structured jackets. If you have an hourglass figure then wear body-hugging clothes to show it off. If you have a triangle-shaped body then choose clothes with embellishments or ruffles on the waist up to balance out the figure. For a more athletic rectangular body type wear clothes that create an illusion of curves. For this wrap dresses are your best options. 

4.  Check The Quality 

Determining the quality of the item is the most prime part of the whole process. You better buy items that are more expensive and are going to last you longer than to buy cheaper stuff with substandard quality. Check the fabric by stretching or crushing it if it doesn’t retain its shape then it is not worth buying. Don’t buy clothes made of 100% cotton as they tend to shrink a lot when washed. Hold the fabric towards light and see through it if it is nearly transparent then it’s not a quality fabric. Make sure that the seams are strong and can withstand the strain you will eventually put on them. If the item passes all the tests then it is worth buying. 

5. Check The Price 

Make sure that the item you are buying is worth every penny you are paying for it. Before buying it check for its price online and compare both prices to make sure that you are not being overcharged. Ask yourself how many times you can wear it and then calculate the price per wear. By doing this, you will know whether you are investing your money in an item worthy of its price. 

If the clothing item passes all the above-mentioned criteria then don’t waste any time and buy it immediately.

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