How To Hire A Wedding Magician For A Magical Big Day

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Earlier this year I had the privilege of performing close up magic and mind-reading at a wedding in Birmingham. I was booked as a wedding magician for a large wedding and bridal party – and with over 1,000 people at their special day this was a grand event to say the least. The Hilton NEC Metrepole is perhaps Birmingham’s biggest and best known entertainment venues and possibly one of the few places that could accommodate such a large number of guests for a magic show. 

I was booked as Birmingham magician alongside 2 other entertainers, a ‘’gaggle’’ of gentleman acrobats (if that’s the collective word of acrobats?). There was over 100 tables of ten guests to each experience the magic. 

First off, I was booked to entertain guests as they sipped bubbly for the drink reception. This was a black tie event and guests were dressed immaculately with some iconic red and black color theme adoring the walls and floors. After an hour of mind-reading, unlocking phones, telling people their PIN numbers and generally having a walk-around people’s minds, it was on to the main event – the sit down wedding breakfast. With dimmed lights and candle lights and the centerpieces we collectively mingled between tables performing our own unique brands of magic and mind-reading. 

Above the general hubbub I managed to get a few screams of delight as I told people the names of their first kiss, last person who called them or demonstrated interactive extra sensory perception. In contrast the these screams of delight, sadly there was a much more subdued affair of another magician performing a jaded, stagnant yet timeless piece of magic – the professors nightmare (or unequal ropes). This was a rare evening for me to be booked as a magician alongside other Birmingham magicians and as a result for one of the first times in my career got to witness other magicians performing magic to other guests or clients. 

It didn’t make for the most enjoyable of watch – in fact it was somewhat frustrating as the magic they were performing was dull and not engaging where the spectators were just that – spectating as opposed to participating. 

My own brand of magic and reading minds, is not only unique, contemporary and fun but most of all – interactive. I perform a heavy element of mind-reading because it allows me to get to know the guests and allow them to have a much more enjoyable and custom experience, tailor just for them at that moment in time. 

The magic gig was great fun especially working alongside another top magician. (There were other Birmingham magicians who were enjoyable to watch – it was just this one in particular which stood out and left a somewhat sullied impression on my mind). 

The Birmingham Metropole NEC was one of a few venues I regularly get invited to perform as a Birmingham magician and Mind-reader and other venues in the past have included, The Custard Factory, The Botanical Gardens on Edgbaston Road, Highbury Hall in Moseley, The Bond Company in Digbeth and the Council House in Victoria Square. Duncan can be hired as a wedding magician in Birmingham or equally as a digital magician.

Your wedding day should be a magical occasion. Make magic when you wed by hiring a top tech magician!

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