Infertility Treatments And Surrogacy

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Are you struggling to conceive? Or are you part of a same-sex couple who wants to find out how surgency can help you have a biological child? If you are searching for a fertility clinic in NYC, don't hesitate to contact the New York Fertility Institute. They have been helping couples fulfill their dreams of becoming parents for over thirty years. There are many infertility treatment options available, including IVF, IUI, and surrogacy. This article will give you details about surrogacy so you can decide if it's the right option for you. 

What Is Surrogacy? 

During a surrogate pregnancy, another woman will carry and give birth to your baby. There are many things to consider before you embark on a surrogacy journey. Surrogate arrangements can be complex and fraught with intense emotions and may even result in legal problems. However, surrogacy has become increasingly popular in recent years as it allows couples who are infertile to have a biological child. It is also an excellent way for same-sex couples to have a baby. 

For surrogacy to be a success, a considerable investment of patience and time is needed as you'll have to choose a surrogate mother who you trust and feel a connection with. Money is also required as you'll be expected to pay for any expenses the surrogate mom has as well as the cost of implanting the embryo into her womb. 

Is Surrogacy Right For Us? 

You may be considering surrogacy if you or your partner have health problems or are infertile. If you've had many miscarriages in the past or if you have a health condition that makes pregnancy complicated surrogacy is an option to consider. You may have even tried IVF in the past without success. 

If you're considering surrogacy, it's essential first to consider precisely how this will work. If you're part of a traditional couple, will you be able to use the male's sperm and the female's egg, or will you use a donor for one of these? Talk to your doctor or infertility expert who'll help you decide on the practicalities of the situation. Surrogacy can either be carried out through an agency or at a private clinic. 

You'll also need to carefully plan the legal and financial aspects of the surrogate pregnancy, as well as taking into consideration any emotional elements. 

Types Of Surrogacy 

There are two types of surrogacy. Either the surrogate mom's own eggs are used, and she becomes pregnant using donor sperm or the intended dad's sperm. IUI will be used to conceive the baby. This process is carried out at a fertility clinic. This is known as traditional surrogacy as the surrogate mom's womb, and her egg is used. When the baby is born, the surrogate mother will hand the child over to you and your partner. Her parental rights will be terminated, and you will bring up the child as a couple and be the legal parents. 

The second option is host surrogacy, where the mom conceives using IVF. In this case, the surrogate mom has no biological connection to the baby but will carry it to full term. This allows both you and your partner to be genetically related to your child. 

Surrogacy For Same-Sex Couples 

Many same-sex couples use surrogacy, as this allows one of them to be the biological parent of the child. Recent changes in the law that allow gay couples to marry in many countries in the world have seen an increase in the number of babies born using a surrogate mother.

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