Pros And Cons Of Botox Injections

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Cosmetic surgery has been evolving over the years. Botox injections, however, have maintained popularity through all of the changes. Increasingly, millennials and younger individuals are becoming interested in battling aging with Botox. 

Botox Is Continuing To Rise In Popularity 

Around 7 million injections are administered each year. While most people getting Botox are in their 50s or 60s, more than 100,000 Botox injections were for patients in their 20s in 2015. Additionally, 18 percent of all Botox injections performed that year were on people in their 30s. 

The rise in popularity among younger individuals is largely due to an increase in availability. You don't necessarily have to go to a cosmetic surgeon to get Botox anymore. It is readily available at medical spas and doctor's offices. 

Pros Of Botox 

Botox isn't necessarily always used for cosmetic purposes. In some cases, Botox has been used to help alleviate migraines and other health issues. If you have a medical condition that can be helped by Botox, you may be able to improve your condition while also reaping the cosmetic benefits of the injection. 

Results can be seen almost immediately and will be fully set in within a week. Patients also need little-to-no downtime after getting a Botox injection. Generally, the most discomfort you'll have is if the injection site bruises. 

There are also very few health risks involved with Botox injections and it is 100 percent approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Because the procedure is so easy and has very few risks associated with it, injections are readily available at medical spas and doctor's offices. 

Cons Of Botox 

Something that may be seen as a pro and a con is that Botox is only a temporary solution. Results from an injection will last between three and six months. For individuals who don't like how the Botox turned out, this can be a plus. However, it can get costly when the average injection session costs between $250 and $1,500, depending on how much product is needed. 

That being said, there are some risks and some cons to receiving Botox injections. The first is there is a possibility of having an allergic reaction. Because of this, patients must go to a professional to have the injection administered. It is important to be in a facility that has the equipment to deal with that kind of complication. 

Bruising is the most common side effect. Some individuals have experienced a headache or eyelid drooping post-procedure. However, these reactions are rare. Some patients have experienced numbness or paralysis in the muscle where the Botox is injected. It can also prevent you from squinting and raising your eyebrows. 

Another con for many people is that injections are painful. Getting Botox isn't a comfortable experience. On top of that, if you get the injection from someone who is not a professional, it is possible you'll walk away looking worse.

Botox Is The Best

Search for facilities that do Botox injections near you by Googling keywords like "Laguna Beach Botox." When the results come up, be sure to look at reviews and find photos of Botox results from that office. You will want to go to a reputable facility. Even though there are not usually any issues with side effects, you still want to find someone that knows what they are doing.

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