Treating Facial Injuries

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Park Avenue Facial Plastic Surgery offers treatment of facial trauma in Upper East Side. Facial injuries can result in psychological effects on affected individuals resulting in the need for treatment. These injuries may occur as one, or a combination of injuries occurred after maybe an accident or failures in medical procedures. Facial injuries may be in the form of fractures or lacerations. Fractures may result from cracks or breakage of bones, whereas lacerations result from a tear or cut on the skin. Plastic surgery provides treatment to these injuries through non-surgical repairs and surgical operations. 

About Park Avenue Facial Plastic Surgery 

In 2013, Dr. Folk established a hospital to treat facial injuries. The health facility, Park Avenue Facial Plastic surgery, is located in New York. Dr. Folk incorporated his vast knowledge of medicine to facial reconstruction and surgery. He makes annual mission trips to give back to the community treating people of facial injuries. Over the years, he has performed a wide range of facial repairs and reconstructive surgeries. His dedication to providing quality medical care to his patients has come in handy. In addition to facial injury treatment, the facility incorporates other facial treatment services. 

Treatment Of Facial Injuries 

The suitable treatment procedure is administered depending on the extent of injuries. Proper evaluation of the scope of fractures determines the scale of damages. For a facial fracture, such as a nasal fracture, surgery is deemed necessary after about two weeks at Park Avenue Facial Plastic Surgery. However, if one needs immediate medical attention, one can book an online appointment or call directly. Professionals in the field of facial surgeries and repairs perform treatments at the facility. 

At Park Avenue facility, the evaluation made determines the treatment procedure a facial injury will need. Some facial injuries may be left to heal on their own, while others require medical attention to treat. For instance, lacerations that are open wounds can heal on their own. However, a more extensive tear may need stitching to quicken its healing time. Dr. Folk applies knowledge on plastic surgery to determine the extent of various traumas and administers proper facial treatment. Grafting of tissues is also a way in which Dr. Folk gives his patients a tuneful natural look after a facial injury. 

What Is The Recovery Process After Facial Injury Treatment? 

Recovery after facial surgery on injuries is dependent on the extent of those injuries. During the first weeks after your surgery, minor discomforts and swellings are likely to occur. At Park Avenue, the doctors monitor your recovery for about two weeks. Dr. Folk removes the patient’s sutures that result from stitches after surgery to give the patient a harmonious look. The application of ice packs is also necessary for the healing process as it helps with tissue repair. Although the full recovery period of plastic surgery is about eight weeks, it is advisable to take care of the incisions to avoid scars. 

There have been hundreds of successful treatments recorded since the establishment of Park Avenue Facial Plastic surgery in New York. Dr. Folk, who is the founder of the facility, is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Treatment of facial bruises and fractures improves one's self-esteem and maintains the natural harmonious look one had before the occurrence of the injury.

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