The Cost Of Treating A Concussion

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A concussion is one of the most common brain injuries from which you can suffer. San Diego concussion cases are more than many would estimate. 

A concussion is quite expensive to treat immediately after it happens. Moreover, the lifetime costs of treating a concussion may astound you. 

Not enough is known about concussions and there is more research being done in the field than ever before. Not everyone who suffers a brain injury is a famous athlete or actor so many of those who suffer from concussions cannot afford to get them treated which has adverse effects for the rest of their lives. 

Many concussion patients have to live with a life-long disability due to their concussion which further exacerbates the cost of the concussion. Families are affected by the financial, emotional and physical stress of dealing with a loved one’s concussion. 

One of the issues that increase the life-long costs of a concussion is that the symptoms can fade soon after the injury and the person will continue to engage in dangerous physical activity without knowing the full extent of the injury. Athletes are the best examples in this case. 

By the time the full extent of the concussion is known, it is too late. Unfortunately, not all concussion patients can go on to have a successful career which further increases the stress of dealing with the condition. 

Financial Costs 

It is said that numbers do not lie and the numbers of the costs of treating a concussion are astounding. The lifetime costs of treating a concussion can range anywhere from $85,000 to $3,000,000. 

The high cost of treating concussions and brain injuries only leaves individuals such as athletes to afford the treatment since the cost of treating concussions does not seem like it will reduce any time soon. 

Such economic burdens are bound to have an effect on family and loved ones who may be forced to help with the situation. Insurance may also help cater for some of the cost. 

Another concerning factor that worsens the situation for most concussion patients is that the unemployment rate of such patients after two years of diagnosis is 60%. Being unable to pay for the cost of treating your condition after losing your job is an extremely solemn situation. 

Emotional Cost 

In addition to the financial cost of treating concussions, the emotional cost is also huge. The cost emotionally does not only affect the patient but it also affects family and other loved ones. 

A person suffering from concussion syndrome or CTE will need a lot of help from loved ones often. It will often mean that they sacrifice what they have to do to help the patient. 

When the effects of a concussion are deep, it may include increased irritability and mood changes. Such emotional imbalances will significantly affect the emotional well-being of the patient and also affect others. 

Unfortunately, many are not able to handle the financial and emotional cost of treating concussions, CTE, and other brain injuries. Therefore, if you suffer from a concussion, you should look for as many ways to pay for the treatment as possible as it may end up being too large of a burden to bear.

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