What Is a SIP Trunk? Benefits of SIP Trunking

what is a sip trunk benefits sip trunking phone technology

Session initiation protocol, or SIP, is a rapidly growing market. In recent years, the global SIP trunking market was at 7.63 billion dollars and it’s projected to be at 13 billion dollars by 2024. Small, medium, and large companies are using SIP trunking to save money and grow their business. 

This relatively new technology is taking the world by storm and making it easier and quicker to do business. 

While this is exciting news, many business owners and decision-makers don’t know what SIP trunking is or how it works. If you’ve been wondering what is a SIP trunk and how it can benefit your business, this short and simple telephone tech guide is for you.

What Is a SIP Trunk?

If you have heard about SIP trunking, you may be wondering what is a SIP trunk, and how does SIP work? 

In short, a SIP trunk is like a middle man, routing your calls through the internet instead of over a phone line. You can think of a SIP trunk as a new-and-improved connection for your phone calls. When you are using SIP trunks, you don’t have to worry about phone lines, circuit boxes, or hardware for your phone system. 

What Are the Benefits of SIP Trunking?

There are many SIP benefits you’ll experience by switching from a traditional phone system to a SIP trunking system. Some of these benefits include:

Reliability: because a SIP trunk acts as a router, you will have a more reliable connection when using SIP trunking. If a connectivity issue occurs, your calls will be routed to another SIP trunk so you are still able to use your phone system.

Productivity: having a reliable system will increase your company’s productivity levels. Your employees will be able to spend their time getting things done, rather than being stalled by a slow or crashing system.

Mobility: with a traditional system, you need to be near the phone to receive calls and access phonebooks, etc. Since a SIP system is completely online, you can access your account and all of the information you need from anywhere with an internet connection.

Simplicity: SIP trunking is simple and easy to use. If you can browse the internet or download and use an app, you will have no problem using a SIP system. 

Affordability: even with all of the benefits SIP trunking provides, using SIP is much more affordable than using a traditional phone system. SIP trunking is usually about 40% cheaper than a traditional system, although you can save up to 80%.

Your Business Can Benefit Greatly From SIP Trunking

In a nutshell, SIP trunks route calls to your phone by using the internet instead of a more traditional phone line. This simple change to your phone system results in big benefits like reliability, increased productivity, and mobility. 

The best part of SIP trunking for your telephone systems? It’s affordable, making it one of the most useful telecommunication tools you can use to grow your business without draining your bank account. SIP trunking is truly the best technology for your phone systems today.

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