5 Non-Obvious Causes of Weight Gain

non-obvious causes of weight gain increase body fat reasons

Obesity has become modern cancer especially in countries like the United States because the modern way of living that promotes a sedentary lifestyle is religiously practiced in developed countries. As a result, many people are suffering from the adverse effects of weight gain that range from health consequences to emotional consequences. On the health front, you can develop conditions such as chronic heart diseases and as mild as varicose veins which can be treated by endovenous laser treatment

You can find many ways of losing weight and there is a billion-dollar industry that is designed particularly to facilitate you in your weight loss endeavors. But, your attitude must be aligned with factors that do not allow you to gain weight in the first place. Therefore, below is an explanation of five non-obvious causes of weight gain because you may already be familiar with more obvious reasons behind obesity. 

1. Consuming Low-Fat Foods

There are many types of foods in the grocery stores which have ‘Low Fat’ printed on their containers, and they immediately draw the attention of many customers. In reality, low-fat foods are a hoax because many scientists claim that such foods may be low in fat but they are high in sugar. Therefore, people who consume these foods regularly end up having the opposite effect and gain considerable weight. 

2. Too Much Screen Time

Now that our cable TV has hundreds of channels, the tube has become far more addictive and interesting as you can always find a channel that piques your interest. With the dawn of android LCDs, a lot of people now watch online media platforms like Netflix on TV. All of these addictive options are making people couch potatoes and are promoting a sedentary lifestyle, which is making people obese. 

Moreover, many people eat unhealthy processed foods like chips or other fried snacks while watching TV, which is a definite recipe for obesity. It does not mean that you should eliminate television from your life, but you have to watch what you eat and monitor the time you are spending in front of the TV. Set a fixed limit for your screen time and stick to it so that you do not get carried away. 

3. Lack Of Sleep

Gone are the days when people used to go to sleep peacefully because modern life has brought with it a lot of stresses and distractions. Nowadays, humans cannot go to sleep without checking their phones and if they happen to find something interesting, they will end up spending more time on the phone than they intended in the first place. As a result, the time spent checking their phone will reduce their sleeping time. Many scientists have found a strong causal connection between weight gain and reduced sleeping hours. 

4. Medications

Medications are another non-obvious cause of weight gain, especially those which are used to treat depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Therefore, inquire your doctor about the potential side effects of the prescribed drugs and ask for weight-neutral alternatives. Secondly, never quit taking a drug without consulting your doctor because some medicines can wreak havoc on your weight if not tapered off properly. 

5. Big Portion Size

Avoid big plates to serve yourself food because you will end up eating more than your body needs. Instead, opt for smaller plates because they only accommodate small portion sizes of meals which will make you think twice before refilling it again. Moreover, many restaurants have increased the portion sizes of their meals, especially fast-food restaurants, and they even ask for an upsize to further aggravate your weight. Therefore, be conscious of these traps and always opt for regular meals because they can also satisfy your cravings with as much efficacy.

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