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Are you looking for comprehensive women’s care across Texas? The Women's Clinic of Rio Grande Valley is renowned for offering comprehensive health practice for women. Dr. Fernando Otero, MD, leads a team of highly qualified professionals to offer quality diagnosis and effective, innovative treatment procedures at the facility to cater to women’s OB/GYN needs. They are welcoming all patients across Texas and the surrounding communities to their practice. Schedule for consultation with gynecology and obstetrics in McAllen, TX, through mobile, or request an appointment online. 

Meet The Providers 

Dr. Fernando Otero is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician, whereas Dr. Leticia Perez is a physician’s assistant. Both providers are experienced and highly-qualified to offer the most effective procedures. Regardless of age, all women are guaranteed quality care that will meet a full scope of OB/GYN needs. Dr. Fernando recognizes the importance of technology, but the caring and compassionate providers make the practice stand out. 

The team of providers at Women's Clinic of Rio Grande Valley all works towards the same vision: providing individualized care for reproductive, obstetric, and gynecologic health. The administrative support and medical team are open to any inquiries you might have. 

About The Services 

Innovation in the medical field is revolutionizing healthcare for women. Dr. Otero leads his team to seek out these new advancements to enhance the quality of his services. Dr. Otero emphasizes the need for medical providers to continue educating themselves on new medical techniques. After comprehensive research on some advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures, he only selects the best and incorporates it into the practice. Some conditions treated at the facility include pelvic pain, high-risk obstetrics, urinary incontinence, and pelvic prolapse. 

Dr. Fernando understands that women are often caught up with family life, community, and careers. Women dedicate too much time to fulfilling these responsibilities and forget about their own health and wellness. At the Women's Clinic of Rio Grande Valley, the providers offer quality treatments and seek to empower and inform women about their overall health. At the facility, patients can benefit from family planning, minimally invasive surgery, hysterectomy, and ensure removal. Find out if you qualify for any of these treatments by scheduling a consultation online or through calling the office. 

Testimonials And Reviews 

Women's Clinic of Rio Grande Valley values and appreciates reviews from their patients. The facility boasts a 5 out of 5-star rating on 16 collected reviews. You can also check out testimonials from various patients on the center’s webpage. 


Patients can contact the Women's Clinic of Rio Grande Valley by scheduling an appointment online. Those who opt for walk-ins can source the help of map directions by reaching out to the center's web page. If you have any comments, queries, or concerns about the facility, send them through the website to your selected provider. To sum up, the Women's Clinic of Rio Grande Valley is a state-of-the-art practice for women. The providers incorporate the most advanced treatment options and are well- experienced to ensure they maintain high-quality standard treatments. To learn more about the practice, schedule a consultation by calling the office or scheduling online.

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