Ways You Can Resolve Conflicts With Your Maid

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Sometimes it is best to resolve a conflict with the maid by just terminating your contract with them. It's better to terminate the maid's contract over something like petty theft or risky work behaviour will be a lot cheaper and less stressful than it would be if something actually happened to the maid. This is because in some cases, you may not be able to afford the cost of repatriating your maid, as the insurance for maid employees may cover the medical fees. 

If you and your maid are having conflict then here are a few ways that you can resolve the issues. 

Common Maid Conflicts And Resolutions 

Sometimes there can be miscommunication between you and the maid and these are just some common conflicts that can happen between someone and their maid. 

1. Not Listening And May Be Frustrated

This can mean that the maid is trying to do too many things at one time and isn't doing the most important thing first. It is important that as the employer, you should set clear guidelines and instructions so that the maid knows exactly what they are supposed to do first and rest later. If the maid is starting to become too overwhelmed over their duties, then you should let them know that they can take a break or leave it to the rest of the family that can help. If the work is too much for them, then it is time that you reduce the maid's workload or hire another maid as to not overwork the one. It's also important that the maid is able to have a whole day off so that they can re-energize. 

2. Maid Is Stubborn 

It can be a lot of work to make sure that the maid is doing what you want them to. It is best that you show by example versus just barking orders and that you communicate as often as possible. You should break down the chores into sections and let the maid accomplish each task and praise them when it is done correctly. 

3. Has Bad Table Manners, Disposition, And Poor Personal Hygiene

This subject can be very personal, so you should approach the situation with care. You should show by example and make sure that everyone in the home sets a good example as well. Make sure to be polite and mindful of your tone when talking with the maid. It is important that you also give very specific directions on one issue at a time. 

4. Makes A Lot Of Noise And Tries To Be Too Friendly

You and the maid should have an understanding that they should respect you and any elders. You also need to show the maid that they are appreciated and is recognized for their role in the household. 

5. Maid Is Scared Of Giving Bad News Or Scared To Admit She Has Done Something Wrong

Letting the maid keep to herself can lead to nothing but trouble. You should let the maid know that she can trust in you and can come to them if anything is wrong. The maid should know that you will always lend an ear if there is a problem and help resolve it if there are any personal woes. 

6. Lacks Initiative 

This may not mean that the maid is lazy but that your instructions be more clear for them to understand. You shouldn't give the maid any unclear instructions and you shouldn't expect for the maid to read your mind.

7. Constantly On The Phone

This happens to many employers, it is important that you set strict rules for the maid. This includes no calls during work unless they are taking a break or if it's an emergency or that the maid is not allowed to be on the phone while dealing with the children, the elderly and physically handicapped. 

Maid Conflict Resolution Conclusion 

It can become quite frustrating when the maid that you hired is not meeting your expectations, but as the employer, you should have more resources to look at since you are in the position of power. If you are really dedicated, then you can pay for the maid to attend courses like language skills, listening skills, and domestic care techniques. The courses will help the maid learn what to do and how to carry out all of her responsibilities and learn how to have proper effective communications. The maid will also have proper conflict resolutions and know how to make a good working environment. 

It's important that you make a good relationship with your maid the best way that you can and that you both understand what is expected from the other. As the employer, you need to have a good level of trust with the maid so that they are able to come to you when there is an issue versus them trying to work it out themselves. You should make sure that you don't overwork the maid either and that they have a day off or the weekend to relax and recoup from the week of work. If the maid is overworked, then it will only cause trouble later on. It would be the same if your boss made you work all day every day, it wouldn't make you feel good. You need to give the maid the same respect that you want from them, in order to have a good work relationship. 

If you and your maid do have conflict, then the best way to resolve it is that you sit them down and both of you come to a reasonable solution. If the situation is small then you can just tell the maid what they did wrong and explain how the maid can improve and help them by being a good example so that they know what to do and how to be better. The last thing is to always show that you appreciate your maid when they are working hard and doing a good job, appreciation can go a long way.

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