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When you require the care and expertise of a gentle OB/GYN like Dr. A. Michael Coppa. At his practice, Dr. Coppa provides comprehensive pregnancy care, including care for custom deliveries and high-risk pregnancy circumstances. His offices are well-equipped to offer you a safe and healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery for your baby. If you are looking for a Cranston pregnancy specialist, Dr. Coppa is an experienced and highly-trained OB/GYN who works tirelessly to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy for all women. He is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and provides surgical and medical care of the female reproductive system and related disorders to the extent that it differentiates him from other practitioners. This training enables him to serve as a primary physician for women and a consultant to other practitioners. 

Why Do You Need An OB/GYN? 

All through your pregnancy, you should attend monthly exams to monitor your health and that of your baby. These examinations assist in ensuring that you are ready to give birth and that the baby is progressing properly. Throughout your pregnancy appointments, Dr. Coppa might undertake a physical exam of your cervix and uterus to check for abnormalities. He also monitors the growth progress of your baby, usually by measuring your abdomen and utilizing the information gathered from ultrasounds to make sure that your baby is healthy. 

An OB/GYN also checks your weight and blood pressure, and heart rate of your baby. He can also run various in-office tests such as specific screenings for conditions like gestational diabetes, urine testing, blood work, and pregnancy complication tests, depending on your family and medical history. If you have underlying medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, Dr. Coppa will ensure that they are well-managed and not posing negative impacts on your pregnancy. 

High-Risk Pregnancy Assistance 

Your pregnancy is deemed a high-risk pregnancy if your health or the health of your unborn baby is at high risk for complications because of various factors. You are considered to be a high-risk pregnancy if you: 

· Have diabetes 
· Have an existing health condition 
· Are carrying more than one baby 
· Are obese 

Women above 35 years and young teens might also be at high risk for pregnancy complications. If you have had a high-risk pregnancy once, you might again need specialized care during your pregnancy and delivery. 

Dr. Coppa is experienced in managing high-risk pregnancies by creating a personalized treatment plan to remedy your specific needs and those of your unborn baby. He can run tests for conditions like birth defects and Down’s syndrome and provides both Cesarean and vaginal deliveries. 

How Should You Prepare For Pregnancy? 

If you are planning on adding a new member to your existing family, Dr. Coppa can assist you in ensuring that you are in optimal health before becoming pregnant. Apart from offering physical exams, Dr. Coppa can offer you the resources for consuming a healthy diet, taking the necessary prenatal nutrients, and making other changes to your lifestyle to prepare your body for pregnancy. 

Learn more about pregnancy services and high-risk pregnancy care by using the online appointment form or calling the Providence Rhode Island or Cranston RI offices.

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