How To Lose Face Fat: Natural Methods Vs. Surgery

how to lose face fat natural methods vs surgery double chin procedure

No doubt about it, if you want to lose face fat or double-chin, a method that does work is chin surgery. Of course, that is if you’re willing to spend the money and deal with the risks. Cosmetic surgery might not seem like a very big deal to most people, because it’s cosmetic. But it’s still surgery, and it still carries the risks that surgery carries. There’s the risk of infection, which alone is bad enough. But when you consider the pain, swelling, numbness, bruising, and downtime to recover, surgery looks much less reasonable, doesn’t it? And don’t forget to consider that it can cost you a few thousand dollars. Surely, there has to be a better way.

While facial exercises will get rid of chin fat and change the whole shape of your face, they don’t work overnight the way cosmetic surgery does. But you don’t have to wait months, either. In a few weeks, you can see a dramatic difference under your jaw. Facial exercises will also slim your cheeks and tone your neck. 

How To Get Rid Of Face Fat Naturally? 

Facial exercises really are the best way. There’s no risk or expense associated with surgery, no side effects or wasted money on creams or lotions, and no-nonsense “cures” that only line someone’s pockets. Instead, exercises tone the muscles and burn the fat to give you real results naturally. Even better, you can find free tips on how to lose face fat fast online without spending a dime. You’ll get the best results by following a program designed to lose face fat, slim a double chin and chubby cheeks. A facial exercise program will take a few minutes a day while giving you exact exercises and a good idea of how much progress you’ll make in a certain amount of time. 

If you want to figure out how to get rid of chin fat, a little research will reveal several different methods, all claiming to be the best way to do it. 

For instance, there are dozens of different creams and lotions out there that claim to get rid of chin fat. There’s surgery, and there are even hypnotism CDs that are supposed to help you end up with a smaller, thinner chin if you can believe it. 

I feel pretty confident in telling you that all the positive thinking in the world is not how to get rid of face fat. You could be hypnotized by the best in the world, and unless they do a liposuction on your face while you’re in a trance, you’ll have just as much chin fat when it’s over as you did before it started. I think when people want something bad enough, common sense can fly out the window. That’s why things like positive thinking and hypnosis CDs sell so well. 

Creams and lotions are expensive and popular too. But let’s think a bit about this method of how to get rid of chin fat. Do you think it’s possible to get rid of butt fat or belly fat by rubbing on a cream or a lotion? If it were possible, those lotions would sell in gallon drums and cost a hundred dollars an ounce. Dieting would go out the window! There is no cream or lotion that can reduce fat anywhere on your body, least of all your face. 

Double Chin Surgery Dangers And Facts

Double chin surgery is employed to improve the shape under your chin and jaw. Where some cosmetic face surgery is used to reshape the bone structure with implants or bone reduction, double chin surgery just removes any fat or hanging skin under the chin. It also removes any texture beneath the chin caused by corded muscles. People who have facial cosmetic surgeries like facelifts or facial contouring often need double chin surgery, which is a separate type of procedure. 

I don’t particularly like the idea of having surgery of any kind. As doctors will tell you, all surgery carries some risk. You are being cut and manipulated inside your body. It’s a big decision to let someone do that to you when you really need it for better health, let alone just to improve your appearance. I think it’s important that anyone considering this type of surgery looks at the pros and cons of surgery over other methods of reducing a double chin. 

A little bit of research reveals that the most common way of dealing with a double chin surgically is liposuction. Have you ever watched a reality program that showed liposuction? It looks pretty violent to me. I’ve only seen stomach and hip liposuction, but that was enough to make me never want to try the procedure. Of course, they have to make an incision, and then the suck tube is shoved in and literally jerked around, in and out, because they’re breaking up the fat and sucking it out. 

Under chin liposuction is done the same way, with a smaller tube and not as much room to yank it around, obviously. It seems like a pretty gruesome procedure to me. After the liposuction to remove the excess fat, the muscles are sutured together or cut, depending on the particular situation. A chin implant is sometimes added if the chin is weak. 

The benefit of this type of double chin surgery is that one day you have a double chin, and by night it’s gone. But I really think you have to look beyond the pros. Your double chin is gone, but in its place, you have pain, bruising, stitches, and at least a week of recovery time before it’s recommended that you go back to your daily routine. Even then, you may be stuck eating soft foods for a while, as well as having to really shield your face from the slightest bump. There can be swelling and numbness for a few months. And if you have incisions in your mouth, as you do in some cases, you have a heightened risk for infection. 

Not only can the numbness be permanent, you’ll pay up a considerable amount for all of this. I think there’s a better way, doing facial exercises designed to trim up a double chin and reduce face fat. The routines cost a fraction of what double chin surgery would cost, and it only takes a few minutes with no recovery time, no pain, and no risks. I think exercises are the clear, safe winner here.

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