Teary Eyes: Symptoms And When To Seek Help

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Eye physicians recommend that you get an eye check-up once every two years to avoid eye issues or detect vision defects early. Most eye problems are treatable if detected early. However, you can experience a permanent loss of vision from common vision problems if you fail to schedule regular visits to your ophthalmologist. Teary eyes are a common vision problem affecting many, and you should never ignore them. Huntingdon Valley teary eyes experts will employ their expertise and offer you precise treatment. 

What Are Teary Eyes? 

A teary eye is a medical condition that involves an excessive production of tears that flood your ducts. This condition arises due to various issues, including: 

· Dysfunctional tear syndrome 
· Corneal abrasion 
· Infection in the tear ducts 
· Invasion by foreign objects 
· Viral rhinitis 
· Inflammation in the cornea 
· Eyelid inflammation 
· Sensitivity 
· Tear duct blockage 

Teary eyes can also affect you when using eye drops, chemotherapy medicines, and adrenaline. 

When To Consult An Eye Specialist About Teary Eyes 

Teary eyes often resolve with time, but sometimes they may persist for a long time, disrupting your life. Contact Suburban Eye Associates if your teary eyes do not resolve after a short time and have one or more of the following: 

· Eye injury 
· Persistent headaches 
· Painful eyes 
· Discharge or bleeding of the eyes 
· Sticking of foreign substances in the eye 
· Inflammation in the eyes 
· Random bruising without a cause 
· Exposure to chemical substances 

If you are experiencing teary eyes, you should consider getting an eye check-up at Suburban Eye Associates for effective treatments such as eye drops. 

Treatment Procedures For Teary Eyes 

Suburban Eye Associates will offer you several treatments for teary eyes, depending on the severity of the condition. Treatment procedures for teary eyes include: 

· Balloon DCR Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) refers to a corrective eye surgery that amends teary eyes caused by a blockage in the tear ducts. The treatment provides a substitute passage in the middle of the tear duct sac and the nose. 

When conducting DCR on you, the professional team from Suburban Eye Associates employs an endoscope camera in directing a thin wire with a deflated balloon mounted on it into the opening of your tear duct. The doctor cautiously guides the wire into your affected duct and gently fills the balloon with fluid. During the inflation of the balloon, the pressure exerted on the duct causes it to unblock. Once the duct has reopened, the balloon deflates, then is guided out with the wire. 

DCR is useful and convenient because it does not leave scars on your face and is only slightly invasive. 

· Punctal Plugs 

Punctal plugs are small medical devices used in the correction of dry eyes and teary eyes. The doctor will put the punctal plugs into the duct's opening to prevent tears from flooding out. Punctal plugs retain enough tears to keep your eye comfortable and prevent conditions such as tearing and inflammation. 

You must ensure your eyes are healthy by taking care of them. Contact Suburban Eye Associates to learn how to take proper care of your eyes and to help avoid developing common conditions.

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