What Are the Benefits of Online Employee Training?

benefits of online employee training

In recent years, many businesses have switched the majority of their operations online. This also includes online employee training. 

There are many benefits to online employee training for both your business and your employees. If you are considering making the switch but are still on the fence, we've put together a guide to the biggest benefits of online training. 

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Online Employee Training Saves Costs 

The cost-saving efficiency of online training is probably the primary reason why many businesses switched over to using it. 

Because you don't have to pay an employee specifically to train others, this frees up their time and resources to focus on other tasks. It also increases your bottom line. 

Additionally, if you are working in a small office and employ remote workers, online training can save you a lot of overhead costs by not requiring larger facilities to house employees. 

Flexible Schedule 

Employees like online employee training because it allows them to complete their training tasks at their own speed and at the convenience of their schedules. 

For employees who are already working 9-5 or have busy family lives, this can be a major convenience over the traditional training undertaken after-hours at the office or a training center. 

And for your business, it also has the benefit of freeing up your time or supervising employee's time. 

Ease of Access 

Online employee training can be accessed anywhere, at any time. All that is needed is an internet connection and a device to connect to the internet. 

Employees can work on training at home, at school, or even on trips. They won't have to deal with driving to a physical location (which also saves your company time and money). 


Well-designed online worker training can be a massive improvement over in-person seminars and classes. 

For example, you can gamify your training modules, giving trainees points for answering questions or completing training tasks. Administering exams and quizzes to test their knowledge is also much simpler than grading a paper test. 

You can also build in a social component to online training. Use forums, message boards, and even company-wide chat rooms through services such as Slack. These help your remote employees feel connected and increase collaboration. 

Many companies are hopping on the latest training trends of including these interactive, community-building resources in their online training. 

Track Progress 

One of the best things about online employee training is that it allows you to easily track employee progress. 

Rather than hounding your employees to follow up on their attendance at training, you can simply check your training portal of choice to see their ongoing progress. 

This is also helpful for your employees as they can gauge where they are at in their training process. 

Information Retention 

Another massive benefit of online employee training is that it has been shown to increase retention of the information learned. 

This is because online training includes videos, interactive modules, hands-on learning, and other brain-activating activities that make training more memorable than sitting and listening to a droning lecture. 

Online Employee Training Is the Future 

As you can see, transitioning your employee training to an online delivery is beneficial for both your company and for your employees. As the internet becomes ever-more-present, don't get left in the dust with remote employee trainings. 

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