Here Is Everything You Ought To Know About Acid Reflux

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According to statistics, approximately 15 million people experience heartburn daily, while more than 60 million experience the effects once a month in the United States. Therefore, acid reflux is a common problem that affects a large population of people. If left untreated, the symptoms could lead to more severe consequences. Also, if you do not note improvements after treatments, it may be time to seek help from an expert surgeon in the field. Book an appointment with a Casper acid reflux specialist for advanced procedures to eliminate your problem. 

What Is The Cause Of Acid Reflux? 

The word heartburn may be confused to have some association with the heart. However, this is not the case. Acid reflux occurs when acidic stomach content flows up the food tract. Normally, the stomach contains a very strong acid known as hydrochloric acid that it is already adapted to by having a protective lining. When the acid touches the unprotected esophagus, patients begin to feel burning sensations, hence the name heartburn. 

What Are The Risk Factors Of Acid Reflux? 

You are likely to experience acid reflux if you are pregnant, overweight, or have delayed stomach emptying. Additionally, smoking, drinking specific beverages like coffee or taking certain medication like aspirin, and eating large meals at night also increases the chances of having heartburn. Pregnancy and obesity result in acid reflux because the weight exerts extra pressure on the internal organs forcing stomach contents to flow up the digestive tract. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Acid Reflux? 

If you have acid reflux disease, you are likely to experience one or more of the following: 

· Heartburn: This is the most common symptom of acid reflux in the body. Patients feel a burning discomfort that moves from the stomach to the chest. Sometimes, the sensation can travel as far as the throat. 

· Regurgitation: This is a bitter or sour taste that travels back from the stomach to the mouth and throat. 

· Other Symptoms: People living with this condition are also likely to experience bloating, bloody stools or vomit, hiccups, nausea, and unexplained weight loss. 

Diagnosing Acid Reflux 

Doctors perform a series of tests if they suspect that you could be having acid reflux disease. They may also enquire to know if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above. They use the following: 

· Barium Swallow: You are instructed to drink a barium solution that is then used in examining the tract with the help of X-ray imaging. 

· Upper Endoscopy: Doctors use a flexible tube fitted with a tiny camera to examine the esophagus and collect samples for further testing. 

· pH Monitoring: Doctors test the pH in your esophagus to determine whether stomach acid has entered the area. 

When To Seek Treatment 

You should seek treatment for acid reflux from a qualified doctor if the over-the-counter antacids do not help alleviate the discomfort. Additionally, if you experience shortness of breath, chest pains, and arm pain, it could also be a sign of complications that should be examined by a doctor. Book an appointment with Wyoming Medical Associates for expert consultation and treatment on heartburn an indigestion.

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