Professional Treatment For Large And Engorged Varicose Veins

professional treatment large engorged varicose veins leg pain

Old age comes with a series of health complications that may get worse if left unattended for long. Among the skin conditions that may aggravate with age include varicose veins that may be hard to prevent or treat. Florida Lakes Spa offers personalized Sebring varicose vein treatment for male and female patients. You may visit the practice for Varithena or VenaSeal to eradicate large and engorged varicose veins on your legs. 

What Is Vein Treatment? 

Blood vessels are located beneath your skin’s surface and beyond your normal vision. In case of complications, your blood vessels may become painful and visible on your skin. The appearance of large and prominent blood vessels also affects your skin’s appearance and self-esteem. 

Florida Lakes Spa offers specialized treatments to minimize blood vessels appearing on different parts of your skin. Your doctor may offer treatment through Varithena® or VenaSeal™. 

Varithena® contains an injectable microfoam. The injectable fills your targeted veins to limit blood flow. Shortly after your treatment, the affected vein collapses and is reabsorbed into your body. Your treatment requires one or two almost painless injections per vein. 

VenaSeal™ closure system is a procedure making the inner walls of affected veins stick together. Blocking the blood flow redirects the blood to healthier vessels in the vicinity. The conspicuous veins on your skin begin fading shortly after your treatment procedure. 

Common Issues Addressed By Cosmetic Vein Treatment 

Your vulnerability to varicose veins increases with genetic differences, age, and lifestyle choices. When walking or standing, blood pressure increases in your veins due to the pressure difference building up as blood rises back to your heart against gravity. 

Increasing pressure is likely to damage vein valves responsible for opening and closing to let blood travel upwards. As a result, the blood amalgamates in your veins, causing the walls to stretch to the point of engorgement. Varicose veins can be swollen, twisted, or lumpy. 

Varicose veins may be itchy, painful, or irritable. Your doctor may use cosmetic vein treatments like VenaSeal and Varithena to improve your comfort. These cosmetic vein treatments are best for addressing varicose veins of different bulge sizes and colors on your skin's surface. 

Permanency Of Vein Treatment 

Specific vein treatment procedures are recommended for highly effective and long-term relief from varicose veins. Unfortunately, varicose veins may reappear, or you may develop new varicose veins parts close to the affected veins. 

Less can be done to stop new varicose veins from appearing. One of the best strategies is improving circulation through your entire body, more specifically your legs. You can benefit from lifestyle adjustments like eating less salt, exercising more, shifting positions when sitting or standing for a long time, and regularly resting legs in an elevated position. 

Other Services Offered At Florida Lakes Spa 

Other than varicose vein treatment, the practice also specializes in: 

• Laser hair removal 
• Botox and fillers 
• Microblading 
• Body contouring 
• Facials 
• Skin rejuvenation 
• Health management 

Get Your Varicose Veins Treated Today

For conditions like varicose veins, preventions serve you better than seeking a cure. Florida Lakes Spa focuses on offering specialized prevention and prevention techniques for varicose veins. Contact the practice via 863-777-7772 or an online booking system to book an appointment for varicose vein treatment in Florida and its environs.

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