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Surgical procedures, though the last option, provide the most efficient form of treatment with long-lasting results when successful. Depending on your problem, there is a surgical procedure for every body part and condition, including breast, hernia, stomach, and general weight loss. 

If you have issues concerning the rectum and anus, you may require a surgical procedure known as proctology in Astoria in order to fix your problems. The highly experienced Surgical Specialists of NY offer various general surgeries with a specialization in anorectal conditions. Contact them today in any of their three locations in New York to treat your disease and better your living condition. 

What Is Proctology? 

Proctology is a medical field that deals with disorders of the anus and rectum. Proctologists or colorectal surgeons are experts in surgical and nonsurgical treatments of anorectal problems. 

What Are The Most Common Proctology Conditions? 

Besides anal, rectal, and colon cancers, the Surgical Specialists of NY also concentrate on benign anorectal conditions. Some of the most common diseases include: 


Hemorrhoids occur when your rectum and anus veins become swollen and enlarged. When you are suffering from this problem, you may notice bright red blood in your bowel movement, indicating internal hemorrhoids. For external hemorrhoids, you may experience pain, skin irritation, and itching. 

Anal Fissures And Fistulas 

A fissure involves a small tear of the anal lining. A fistula is an unusual hole between the anus and the skin caused by an infection. 

Anorectal Abscess 

An anorectal abscess develops when the anal glands have an infection, causing the area to swell, produce pus, and become painful. 

Pruritus Ani 

Pruritus ani is a condition where your anus feels itchy and irritating. Usually, the itchiness may occur without any varied reason. Pruritus ani may also develop due to other conditions, such as hemorrhoids, fistulas, fissures, and incontinence. 

Perianal Dermatitis 

It involves a rash in your anus. It may result from allergies, infections, poor hygiene, contact dermatitis, inflammatory skin conditions, and cancer. 

Anal Condyloma 

Also known as anal warts, it occurs when an infection of the human papillomavirus is sexually transmitted. 

Diagnosis Of Anorectal Conditions 

During your appointment at Surgical Specialists of NY, your proctologist conducts a comprehensive diagnosis, which involves a physical exam, medical history, and symptoms reviews. Depending on your results, you may require further diagnostic testing, such as: 

· MRI or ultrasound 
· Digital rectal exam 
· Anoscopy 
· Flexible sigmoidoscopy 

Proctology Treatments 

Your provider may recommend various treatments for your rectum and anus problems based on your condition. Usually, they first recommend a customized conservative treatment plan before proceeding to surgical procedures. The surgical techniques may correct the anorectal problem or remove some of the organs. 

Some of the surgical procedures may include 

· Rubber band ligation 
· Bowel diversion surgery 
· Angioplasty 
· Lateral internal sphincterotomy 
· Transanal endoscopic microsurgery 
· Colostomy 
· Polypectomy 

Talk To A Proctology Specialist Today 

Proctology involves the diagnosis and treatment of various anus and rectum diseases. The Surgical Specialists of NY provide effective treatments enhancing your health and quality of living. If you have rectum and anal issues that interfere with your normal living, it is time to contact a specialist; call them today to understand your problems and get help. Don't be embarrassed, get the medical help you need now from an experienced proctologist!

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