Top 7 Benefits Of CoolSculpting

benefits of coolsculpting body contouring

Are you hoping to get rid of the excess fat in your body? Having a slimmer physique is one of the most valued cosmetic goals for most people. Although weight loss – which often takes a lot of time, effort and self-control – might help, sometimes, you are only looking to get rid of fat in one region of your body. This is where CoolSculpting comes in handy. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring treatment. Learn more about the benefits of CoolSculpting in Vintage Park

7 Best Benefits Of CoolSculpting Treatments

1. Targeted Reduction 

Our body naturally stores and accumulates fat in different places in our bodies. The main difference between fat reduction and weight loss is that, when losing weight, you can’t choose the places where fat burns in your body. Fat reduction through CoolSculpting mainly targets the specific areas you want to get rid of excess fat. During your CoolSculpting procedure, an applicator will be placed on a specific area of your choosing to provide you with concentrated fat reduction. 

2. Many Treatable Areas 

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved medical treatment that can treat several body areas. The following are some of the areas cleared for CoolSculpting treatment: 

• Upper arms 
• Areas under the buttocks 
• Back Flanks 
• Under the chin 
• Thighs 
• Bra bulge (the area next to the armpit) 
• Abdomen 

3. Lower Risk 

Even when performed by an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon, the risks associated with surgery prevent most people from getting rid of excess fat. CoolSculpting often involves fewer risks with minimal side effects like temporary inflammation and numbness around the treatment area. 

4. Time-Saving 

Surgeries like liposuction typically require you to spend several hours in the surgical room between preparation, surgery, and recovery. You are then discharged and have to stay home for several days as you recover, then wait a couple of weeks before resuming any strenuous physical activity. With CoolSculpting, the procedure only takes an hour when treating stubborn areas and as little as 35 minutes for minor fat reduction cases. 

5. Zero Scarring 

Scarring is the main deterrent to liposuction surgery among many patients. Although liposuction scars are small and hardly visible, they can cause some people to develop prominent scars such as keloids later. Fortunately, through CoolSculpting, you can easily avoid this scarring problem altogether and still get rid of the excess fat in your body. 

6. Effective Results 

In 2010, CoolSculpting gained its first FDA clearance after showing great results in the several medical trials done. Years later, the procedure has continuously become a favorite and reliable option among many patients around the globe. 

7. More Affordable 

Unlike other fat reduction treatments like Liposuction surgery that are quite expensive, CoolSculpting usually costs much less and still provides desired outcomes with no bleeding and use of anesthesia. 

CoolSculpting Conclusion

Nothing can compare to the gold standard of diet and physical exercise when it comes to achieving a strong, slim physique. However, even the strictest precautions can’t always get rid of stubborn fat and persistent fat bulges along your upper thighs, chin, upper back, or midsection. That is why the team of skincare experts at Elite Dermatology in Katy, Kingwood, Houston Heights, and Tomball offers CoolSculpting to patients. Contact us today to learn more about attaining a firmer physique the cool way!

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