What Is Body Sculpting, And What Does It Entail?

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Body sculpting is a surgical procedure for reshaping a targeted part of the body. It may entail removing excess skin and fat, then recontouring the area. While this procedure is not aimed at weight loss, it can help deal with loose skin left after losing a lot of weight. If you have tried other fat-reducing methods to no avail, your Westport body sculpting clinic is adept at helping clients contour problematic areas and regain their confidence. 

What Happens During A Consultation? 

The first step in body sculpting is identifying the problematic areas you wish to address. The most common parts for body contouring are the buttocks, neck, thighs, arms, and stomach. During this consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, you will discuss realistic goals, medical history, and active prescriptions. They will also want to know if you smoke, consume alcohol, or partake in controlled substances. Addicts, for instance, cannot be exposed to some pain medication that could promote their unhealthy behavior. 

Preparation For Body Sculpting 

The attending cosmetic surgeon will examine and measure the targeted parts and draw on them using a marker pen. They will take photographs for reference purposes then discuss viable options. It is worth noting that patients will often have lofty goals about the areas they wish to improve, but it may not be feasible, at least not all at once. 

They will also discuss potential risks and how to manage them, including the pain you are likely to experience after the procedure. Your doctor will ask you to stop taking certain medications to not interfere with the upcoming surgery. They may request blood tests from your primary care provider for their consideration as well before body contouring treatment approval. 

Top 3 Types Of Body Contouring Treatments

There are various body sculpting treatments available, and although they generally yield similar outcomes, the approaches look and feel different. 

1. Deoxycholic Acid Injections 

Deoxycholic acid is bile that is produced in the body to break down fat during digestion. The surgeon will inject deoxycholic acid into the fat deposits using a syringe. If you choose Deoxycholic Acid Injections (Kybella®), your surgeon will discuss the use of local anesthesia and its side effects. 

2. Cryolipolysis 

This treatment usually goes by the name CoolSculpting®. It entails freezing fat cells by applying low temperatures to destroy these cells without damaging the skin. The machine will cool the treated area to an optimum temperature, leaving the destroyed cells frozen. Cryolipolysis is suitable for areas that do not respond well to exercise or to diet. 

3 Laser Fat Reduction 

Using laser beams implies applying heat to destroy fat deposits. Laser fat reduction or SculpSure® heats fat cells to prohibitively high temperatures using wavelengths. The heat makes fat deposits break down without harming the skin or internal organs, and the procedure only takes twenty-five minutes. You may experience sweating in the targeted area during the process of melting away the body fat. 

Best Body Sculpting Sessions

Body sculpting treatments get rid of excess fat that can affect your figure and, subsequently, how you feel about your body. These interventions do not take too much time, and the downtime is manageable so that you can resume normal activities in a matter of days.

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