7 Frugal Online Tools For Startup Companies

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Launching and managing startups is incredibly challenging, so you need the best tools of the trade. The right frugal tools can make the difference between the success and failure of a startup business. There are many expenses to reckon with when you launch a company and can’t afford to pay for online tools or software solutions. This list of seven free SaaS programs will make it easier to track data, collaborate with staff, and market your business. 

Top 7 Best Frugal Or Free Online Tools For Startups

1. G Suite / Google Workspace

G Suite is Google’s set of cloud collaboration tools, which offers a number of solutions, including slides, email, documents, spreadsheets, and more. Every file is stored in Google Drive. With this tool, it’s easy to edit and share work in real-time. What’s more, the software is very user- friendly. It saves changes at regular intervals automatically. It is cloud-based, so you’ll never lose your work. 

2. Google Analytics (GA) And Search Console (GSC)

This classic website analytics tool hardly needs an introduction. Traffic tracking and analysis are indispensable to a website. Google Analytics will show you your traffic source and which website pages are most popular with visitors. The free updated tool also helps with any improvements necessary because you can see where visitors leave your site. This way, you can make changes. Last but not least, Google Analytics can help improve your marketing through detailed insights into your audience. 

Google Search Console is also an excellent free tool for webmasters and SEOs to help manage website keywords, links, traffic, indexing, and manual action resolutions. If you haven't set up your website with Google Search Console and integrated it with Google Analytics, you are missing out.

3. BrandSnag 

What’s a business without a name? BrandSnag is a business name generator that’s easy to use and highly recommended as it helps create a unique, original online presentation of your business or personality. The tool helps users check, compare, and select the best name to symbolize their online presence. The world of digital marketing is quite overcrowded, and this tool can be indispensable in helping businesses, brands, and personalities stand out. BrandSnag checks social media handles, domain names, and online gaming usernames to guarantee that your username is original and unique. Your top choice might already be taken. In that case, BrandSnag will provide a creative and catchy alternative to show the digital world who you are. 

This top online tool also offers tips and tricks if your name of choice is taken. You will find an alternative based on your goals, brand, and personality. In the process, it’s important to avoid common business name mistakes. The choice of name can be decisive in the digital world. Your self-presentation or the name of your brand will transform the way your potential clients perceive you. The creators of this new tool are well aware of this and will assist you accordingly. 

4. Calendly 

Calendly is a free app to schedule appointments, meetings, and more. With it, you will no longer struggle with getting appointments scheduled. You can set meeting limits and choose when to take calls during the day and week. After setting up your scheduling page, you send the link to customers and make an appointment based on the available slots. This tool integrates with many others on this list, including Zoom, the next choice for top startup software solutions. For example, each customer who has scheduled a meeting will automatically get a link to your Zoom meeting room if you integrate Calendly with Zoom. 

5. Zoom 

Workflow during the pandemic wouldn’t be as optimal without tools like Zoom. This is another choice that needs no introduction. It is essential to host video conferences and schedule virtual meetings, and Zoom is one of the best tools to this end. Zoom’s free plan includes access to an unlimited number of personal meetings and group meetings, in which as many as 100 people can take part. 

6. Mailchimp 

Finding the best email provider is crucial because email marketing is critical for business, especially if you’re a startup. Mailchimp is intuitive and free for up to 12,000 emails and 2,000 users. Mailchimp can automate emails and create campaigns and signup forms. It’s an excellent option for those just starting out, although it lacks some of the features of its competitors. Nowadays Mailchimp has filled in the gaps on some of these email marketing features as well as expanded its overall service offering. Mailchimp is now a full service digital marketing platform after years of massive growth.

7. Zapier 

Last but not least, you can create workflows and connect your apps using Zapier. It integrates with Slack, Google Docs, and more than 3,000 additional apps. The free version comes with up to five single-step Zaps. Zapier is certainly a top frugal online tool for startup companies to leverage. 

Top Tools To Try Today 

Running a startup business is no easy feat. Keep these top frugal online tools in mind to help make it just a little bit easier.

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