The Need For Improving Health and Fitness

The big trend in the United States is one of alarming increases in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. We have consistently hit record highs in all of these categories over the last decade and there aren’t any promising signs of the trend reversing. We’ve become a “super-sized” culture of big meals, fast food, and unhealthy nutrition. People are always stressed out and on the go and claim they don’t have time to sit down and eat or cook a healthy meal. Everyone’s stress, anxiety, and depression levels are at an all time high. Our nation’s health and healthcare are both in major jeopardy. Everyone is looking for the quick fix and the fad diets and nobody is looking at good, sound nutrition and scientific evidence. I have been working hard over the last decade as a personal trainer and life coach to help educate clients and consumers to improve their health and quality of life with a rational approach. There is much more work to be done.

Frugal Fitness